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9 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom You will not Regret it

The bathroom is a small place in our house.But it is one of the most important rooms in our house.We use it in the morning to brush our teeth and clean our face.And most of the time we wash our clothes in the bathroom.

Most people are buying house in city.They don’t have a very big bathrooms.So you need good ideas to decorate your bathroom.Then the bathroom will look more beautiful and it will more convenience for us to use.

1, Colourful the wall

Normally we can use painting.

You can select many kinds of color painting.It is easy to change color.

When you are using painting.You need to think about the waterproof painting.

Best waterproof painting can use many years.Check best quality waterproof painting before you buy it.Best ways is check all the information from website.

Different color painting will add a fun element while making the space seem relax.You can use almost all kinds of color you can image.Red/green/blue/pink/amber,etc.And you can select some of them when you are painting your bathroom.

2,Using Art painting in bathroom

Create a wall art gallery with photos and painting.

This will let you feel very good when you see the paintings.And the painting have many style to select.You can change it when you have see some interesting.

Art painting is not a expensive items.You can find it in local market.You can touch and feel the quality.But the best way is buy from online market.Just like Amazon,ebay.Thousands of hundreds kinds of art painting you can find in the website.You just need to choose the right keyword.Find the right thing, do the payment,then you can get it in few days later.


3.Put some plants in bathroom

Think about to put some plants in your bathroom if the natural light possible.And the plants need to anaerobic light.Because the bathroom can not easy lighting by sun.

A plants suitable for bathroom will brighten the space with color and texture.


4.Lighting your bathroom

Important part of the bathroom is lighting.A good lighting will let you feel good and safe.

You can use good quality bathroom led strip light for lighting.

The strip light can install under the cabinet and in the ceiling.Most of the led strip light is DC12V.

This is safe in bathroom.That is not difficult to install.Some of the strip light package have install guide.You just need to follow the data sheet.Lightstec is one of the best led strip light company I cooperation.You can find their website in google and check the items in their website.

When we select the strip light,we need to think about waterproof led strip light.That will protect from the water.

5,Illuminated bathroom Mirror

Back lighting of mirror is a good option for bathroom.The led strip lighting is install behind the mirror.Soft light coming from the backside of the mirror.Not directly to your eyes.Very good vision when you are coming to the bathroom in the evening.

Good quality strip light can use more than 5 years,so do not need worry about the quality.Fist import is not to use the cheap one.when you are select an mirror lighting,check their hold information in website first.

6.Put a collection shelf in bathroom

You can put soap,shampoo,toothpaste,toothbrush in the shelf.You need to think about where you can fix a shelf.This is very good when you put some shelf which can hang in the wall.Not need many place but very good for collection things.

7.Skid resistant carpet in bathroom

In bathroom you have to think about safe.A skid resistant carpet is a good choose.Tips to use carpet in bathroom is buying a bigger one.Then you not need worry where is not big enough.

8.Colourful bathroom curtain

The colourful shower curtain is good and easy install.It not need screws or drilling.This waterproof.It will good for your dry place in the bathroom.

9.Toilet cove shelves

Only need small place.And this is very useful for collect some small things.

You can put some small items,just like paper, shampoo there. Easy for you to use. You may want to start using sustainable skincare and toiletries such as soap bars, shampoo bars and refillable products. Using these products can be a start if you are leaning towards a greener and plastic-free bathroom.

9.Ground led aluminum profile light in bathroom

Under ground led aluminum profile light is good for you to see in the bathroom.But you need professional lighting supplier for waterproof floor bathroom linear light.

We can choose warm white color.This will let us feel warm when we are in bathroom.

When install, you need to select low voltage led aluminum profile light.DC12V is a good choose.We need to think about safe to us.

Do not choose some high voltage linear light which we can touch in our bathroom.That is not safe,You don’t know when will this happen.So we need to ask professional suggestion before we use an items.


This is only some simple tips for your decorate your bright bathroom.You need led strip light to lighting the bathroom and need some other things to let bathroom look convenience,safe.Small place have many good ideas.You will have a good house after you pay little times here.

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