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9 Security Measures to Protect Your Mobile Data

In this digital age, protecting your device’s privacy is one of the biggest concerns. The companies that manage social media and gaming apps have access to your private data. This data can be easily leaked online if a particular company faces a breach. Even if you have strict privacy settings on your apps, the chances of a data breach on your device do not diminish completely.

 As mobiles are portable devices, these are at a greater risk of such breaches. The chances of these get doubled when you are using an unreliable Internet connection. Therefore, I have been subscribing to one of the efficient Cox Internet Plans for a year now to safely surf the Web.

Below are 9 security measures that can keep your data protected on a mobile?

Security Measures to Protect Your Mobile Data

Make Sure That Your Device Is Physically Safe

It is the first and most crucial step in protecting your privacy. Keep it in a secure location or with yourself all the time. If it gets misplaced and a child finds it, it is prone to malicious attacks. Because he/she may download an app on your mobile which may contain a virus extra.

Also, always write down the date and place of the purchase of your mobile in a personal diary so that it can be tracked in case it gets lost or stolen.

Use a VPN

If there are multiple people using the same Internet connection, then your data is at risk of a breach. Use a VPN to keep it safe. It not only protects other users from accessing your data but also unblocks censored websites.

Although there are a lot of free VPN apps that are free, these are not trustworthy. Invest in a costly and reliable VPN instead. And always read the terms and conditions before purchasing one.

Regularly Check for Data Leaks

Keep checking for data breaches on a weekly basis to make sure your data is safe. Here are a few things you can do to check for these:

  • Check for Pwned Passwords to make sure that you don’t use these.
  • Always check your Google and Facebook accounts’ login history
  • Never trust unreliable security sources to hand over your passwords

Always Research an App Prior to Download

It goes without saying that you should read reviews and lookup for scams associated with an App prior to download. A quick Google search can save you a lot of trouble. Making sure that the developer is trustworthy and reading terms and conditions should be the ultimate priority before trusting an App.

Keep Your Mobile Software Updated

If you don’t update your mobile software, hackers can easily steal your data. This is because as technology is continuously advancing, a powerful and malicious virus can easily overpower an outdated software. No matter how heavy the new version may be, update your software to keep your data safe.

Don’t Use Random Platforms for Downloading Apps

Always use the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download apps. Although not all of the apps in these stores are authentic, you can do some app-related research prior to download. However, apps on other platforms are completely unreliable. So, stay away from other platforms.

Limit Your Privacy Settings on These Apps

Some of the apps have access to your very important personal data. So, it is better to limit the privacy settings on these apps. Take the following measures:

  • Keep reviewing settings and permissions on Facebook to prevent your data from leaking to third parties
  • For Ridesharing and Delivery apps, it is best to turn off location when these apps are not in use
  • Flashlight apps can be a big threat if they seek access to your personal data. Always be wary of such apps
  • Take note of the data usage by gaming apps. An unusually high amount can signify a data leak.

Use Security Features to Safeguard Your Mobile

  • Usage of the following mobile features can potentially eliminate the requirement of a VPN.
  • A unique Passcode to access your mobile
  • A complex unlock pattern to access various apps
  • A device lockout option can protect your mobile in case of several unsuccessful login attempts
  • An auto-wipe option will erase all your data in case of several unsuccessful login attempts

Disable These Features to Stay Protected

While some features may seem useful, they can be extremely harmful to your privacy at the same time.


Through Bluetooth, intruders can easily eavesdrop on your mobile. Turn it off when not in use to prevent them from accessing your data.


Your location is up for broadcast as long as GPS option on your mobile is enabled. Turn it off to prevent intruders from accessing this sensitive information.


Take these 9 security measures to keep your data protected at all times. Using an unreliable Internet connection is another cause of data breaches. So, if you have to pay bill online, don’t use public Wi-Fi for this purpose as it can cause a leak of your important passwords.

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