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8 Tips To Style Gold Chains For A Classy Look

Accessorization is a skill that only a few master. Your outfit may be outstanding, but without accessories, it can look incomplete. Accessories can be anything from a trendy pair of sunglasses to some dainty earrings. Anything that ties an outfit is agreed on in the fashion world. There are, however, some accessories that are tricky to style. Gold chains are one of them. Gold has had historical importance and is a precious metal in all parts of the world. But when it comes to contemporary fashion, it is met with quite a bit of resistance. In this post, we will give you tips to style gold plated chains and how you can make them classy.

Style Gold Chains For A Classy Look

Before we spill our fashion secrets, let’s talk a little bit about gold chains. There’s the kind that is worn by rappers, and there is the kind that is so delicate it isn’t even visible. The first thing to do before you go out and buy gold jewelry is to decide if it’s for everyday use or for special occasions only. If you are going to be wearing it daily, consider buying gold-plated jewelry as it is lighter.

Tips to style gold necklaces 

  • Plan your outfit

Let us not jump steps. Try to settle in on your outfit before accessorizing. If you are running errands all day, then a simple button-down with blue jeans will do. Remember that the colors of your jewelry and clothes have to complement each other.

Since gold and bronze are warmer tones, they tend to go better with tans, beiges, and whites. Gold chains also go well with an all-black outfit. Suppose you have some gold embellishments on your dress; it works very well with gold jewelry. If you have a flowy dress, then compact jewelry is the way to go. It is all about creating contrast. For daytime outfits, the jewelry needs to be practical. The fancy chains and rings can be reserved for night-outs.

  • Diversify for Traditional wear

Gold is almost mandatory for any Indian traditional outfit. And the best part is that gold goes brilliantly with ethnic outfits. Here you don’t even have to worry about it looking over the top or gaudy. You will find many quality products at the best price online. You have access to Rajasthani style chains, Maharashtrian style, Tamailian style chokers, etc. Often you will find this jewelry in the form of a set, and you can coordinate the rest of the pieces with it. You can add pearl jewelry in between gold. Mixing patterns is a good way to diversify the look. It also highlights the intricate patterns of traditional Indian gold jewelry.

  • Go Dainty and practical for Professional wear.

You cannot walk in a board meeting with a 3-inch thick gold chain. Jewelry for a professional setting is a whole other ball game. Here you can opt for more dainty styles. Just one or two accessories are more than enough. Gold looks very classy and is a popular choice for everyday wear, with silver and platinum not far behind.

  • Layering to add more depth to your look

If you have a very basic outfit, the best way to elevate it is to layer jewelry. You can layer your gold-plated chains. You can also mix in other patterns and metals if you want. You can even go overboard with layering, so it’s important to remember that less is more. When layering, you can try to add different colors with beaded chains.

  • Opt for contemporary styles

Fashion is ever-evolving, and contemporary styles evolve with it. First, it was chokers. Then it was chokers with pendants. Then it was puka shell necklaces. The rise of internet aesthetics has now made accessorizing that much easier. Generally, gold jewelry is considered more boho chic and goes well with beachy aesthetics. That means flowy dresses and bright colors. However, you will find some utility for gold jewelry with form-fitting cocktail dresses.

  • Charm pendants

Clothing is an excellent way to express yourself and establish your unique sense of self. A great way to do this is to add a pendant to your chains. You will find some very pretty pendants with rhinestones and resin patterns. Use these to make your outfit more unique. You can also lean in full-on one concept and style your outfit around it.

  • Look for matching sets to style your outfit effortlessly.

The fashion industry sees that people often trouble themselves over trying to match their jewelry. Matching sets that include earrings & studs, necklaces, finger rings, bracelets are very popular in everyday wear.

  • Minimalist jewelry that goes with everything

The rise of minimalism has not left the fashion industry untouched. Minimalist jewelry is easy to style and suits everyone. You will find some beautiful gold designs with other materials mixed in them. Minimalist jewelry is popular among a lot of fashion designers these days. You can find dainty flowers and constellations. There are tiny animals engraved in some pendants. This type of accessorization is a simple way to spice up your outfit.

  • Custom jewelry

Custom chains are a great gift for your loved ones. You can customize it in a way that you have matching pieces. This is also a great gift for your group of friends or the wedding party. Customization can include engraved initials or sun signs. Here the sky’s the limit.


Gold Plated chains can look gaudy when not appropriately styled. But gold jewelry isn’t inherently gaudy. It is a great medium and is still popular in today’s times. We hope that these tips in styling gold chains were helpful.

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