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8 Things to Do if You Missed an Important Class

No matter how great of a student you are, there will be a time when you miss a class. At some point, a family emergency can occur or you can fall sick. It happens and it is part of the college experience. Overall, the reason doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you behave before and after this situation.

It might be a tricky situation to navigate, especially for freshmen. If you struggle with an assignment, you can hire a paper editor on or get any other kind of professional helo. But what to do if you miss a class? Do not worry; this guide will help you out.

Know Attendance Policies

This is something to do as a precautionary measure. Learn about the attendance policies of the college and of your professor. Every course is different. Some can be quite casual about missing a lecture, others might take offense. Some might give you an opportunity to do some additional work to cover the absence. It is also essential to know whether the absence will impact your grades or not.

All of that information can be found on the course syllabus. Make sure you know your opportunities and deadlines. If there is an option to make up for your absence, absolutely go for it. Just make sure to do it on time and according to requirements.

Email Professor

If you’ve missed an important lecture, maybe your absence wasn’t even noticed. In such a case, one can sometimes skip this step and get help by paper writer with an assignment that’s due soon. But if it is a workshop or a practical class, it is crucial to let your professor know what’s up.

In case you know that you’ll miss a class – send an email beforehand. Be respectful and let them know the reason. It can be a family emergency, court hearing, or sickness. There is no need to get into a lot of details. If there is no reasonable excuse, do not mention it.

If the situation wasn’t planned and happened spontaneously – write a letter afterward. Be professional and do not ask “did I miss something important?”. Such a sentence suggests that a lecture or seminar in itself is not important enough for you. You may ask if there are office hours when you can pick up handouts.

Visit Another Lecture

This tip does not apply to every situation. But if you’ve missed a lecture that your professor gives to another course, it can be a great opportunity. You can just visit their lecture and learn all the information. In such a case, you almost didn’t miss anything! The only downside is that it doesn’t work with seminars.

Do Not Expect Individual Lecture

Do not ask your professor to go over what has been said during the lecture you’ve missed. It is in poor taste and shows disregard for their time. All of that has been given already and no one will be treated on the basis of individual privilege. 

What you can do is order a cheap paper writing service to get the lecture in a new light. You can also ask your tutor questions regarding the materials you’ve read on your own and didn’t understand. For example, if you went over the handouts and books, but some things are not clear. This shows initiative and interest in the subject.

Ask for Notes

Another great way to get more information on the lecture you’ve missed is to ask for notes. And ask several people as well – everyone’s noting system is different. Some might write down only essential information, others may script almost the whole class. Gather their notes, go over them, and maybe copy them to prepare for a test or final.

Talk To Classmates

It is not only about the notes. Ask your peers about what has been said in class. Maybe there were some important updates on the finals, assignments, midterms, etc.

For example, a professor could have shared additional sources or regulations on the work you are expected to do. Or maybe everyone was divided into groups to work on a presentation. In such a case, contact the professor to ask which group you can join.

Or maybe, there was a midterm deadline update. Professor could give material that will be on the test. All of that is crucial for your grade and success with the course. And your peers will forget to tell you unless you ask. They do not usually keep in mind whether you’ve been to the class or not and whether you know something.

Download Materials

Some teachers upload files, slides, or additional materials on a website after the lecture. If it is a case – great! Now you can download them and go over them. Take a look at what has been said and what key terms, numbers, or concepts you need to know.

Keep Professor Updated

In case you’ll have to miss more classes, make sure to give your professor a heads up. For example, if you have to travel to your hometown for a funeral. Or if you are struggling with a disease and it takes a while to recover. Remember that mental health problems are also a reasonable explanation; there is no shame in it.

Just let your professor know what is going on. Mention how long you are expected to be absent. And ask if there is any chance for you to make up for this. If it is going to be a prolonged period, it is better to let the Dean know as well. As it is important for you to not fall behind the coursework. Maybe together you can work on a solution for this situation.

In Summary

Sometimes students have no other choice but to miss a class. It is ok, life happens. You just need to keep the teacher posted and be mindful of their time. Collect information via talking to classmates and taking their notes. Download any slides or take the handouts. Learn on your own and ask for clarification if needed. And Ask if you can make up for the absence.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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