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8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Mobile App

Mobile phones become an indispensable part of our day-to-day life. Waking with an alarm, listening to music, watching YouTube videos, checking emails, reading News, following a schedule and so on, – today everything is executed from applications installed on mobile phones. The mobile life made some tremendous changes in the businesses as well.

8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Mobile App

Big brands have realized that a business success strategy involves more than just building mobile-friendly websites. They have focused their attention on mobile development. Mobile applications are not the same as mobile-friendly websites.  We can develop several unique features within your mobile apps than web elements.

Do you think mobile app development is only for big companies? You’re wrong. Mobile apps have become a vital marketing tool for all businesses, regardless of size and industry verticals. While many business owners think, developing a mobile application is an expensive investment; here are the top benefits for small businesses by hire iOS developers and develop mobile apps:

1.     Customers widely use Mobile

People are spending far more time on their mobile phones than you think. A handful of mobile applications is the main reason behind a bulk of this total usage. Providing easy accessibility to the clients, increases the chances of making them have a new deal with your business. The mobile app can do this for you – being “at their disposal” can be a great advantage to your business, as their mind unconsciously does record every well-designed app icon, text, and offers it comes across.

2.     Serves as a Direct Marketing Channel

One of the biggest advantages of mobile apps for small business owners is that all the information you would like to provide for your customer is at their fingertips. Through apps, you can offer general info, booking forms, prices, user accounts, search features, news feeds, messengers and much more. Direct Push notifications take you even closer to your customer for direct interaction. A glimpse of your new services or products can create excitement among the customers and propel them to checking your app updates regularly.

3.     Ensures a Quick and Easy Purchase

In case of the website, users need to open a browser, enter the URL and then wait for the site to load. Mobile applications hardly take a few seconds to launch. Further, customers can access most of the information and features offline as well. This rapidity attracts customers towards mobile applications. The integrated payment system enables easy order placement anytime from anywhere. Overall, with this fast and seamless checkout tool, you can reduce customer grooming efforts while getting higher sales.

4.     Analyze Customer Behaviors

“Understanding the customer” is the key to the success of all businesses. Mobile app presence in customers’ device makes it easy to track their behavior and collect data. You can track downloads, observe what products are popular, as well as audience engagement. Data analyzed can help to generate detailed insights and further improve customer-oriented products and services.

5.     Improve Your Customer’s Loyalty

No matter what you are selling – Food deliveries or banking services – saving customers’ time pays back. When you offer convenience in your service, the customers always return to you and spread a good word about your service. Nothing creates a better connection with you and the customers than the mobile app.

6.     Increase in Sales

Worried about the cost of mobile development? The benefits of mobile apps for small businesses outweigh the cost of investing in mobile development. You can increase your company’s profit through this direct marketing channel. By updating the features frequently, you can encourage the customers to purchase services or products.

Domino’s Pizza is a great example. Within a 6 month of its mobile app launch, they have witnessed 25 % of growth in their online sale in the UK market. Now half of their online orders are coming through the mobile app.

7.     Amplify Brand Awareness

Its ability to synchronize with social networks improves the spread of virtual content. There are more social media users today. Integrating social media with your mobile business app creates awareness for your business aimed at reaching across to the millions of the targeted audience. Thus, the app can make more exposure to your brand and increase the chance of getting more customers.

8.     Business Process Optimization

You can also develop the mobile app for automating multiple tasks of your business. Develop a mobile app for your internal employees’ interactions – monitoring & handling any process aggregating certain statistics and exchanging files & data, for example. Developing an app targeted for use within the company can ensure uninterrupted communication between employees, regardless of their time zones and locations, which will boost your business productivity.

Companies that Should Develop a Mobile App

If your customer uses your tool or services once in six months means, they won’t likely download your app. However, if your business is something that will engage the customers many times a month, mobile app development is worth considering. Here are some of the industries for which the mobile app market is assuredly promising:

  • Tourism – Develop an app for ticket booking, searching for hotels and resorts, interactive maps, etc.
  • Car business – repair, maintenance, and rental
  • Medicine – online appointment booking and consultations
  • Restaurants – menus, promotions, and ordering delivery
  • Beauty industry –interactive price lists, making an appointment, information about services
  • Health and fitness – online registration, reviews, and schedule
  • Online stores and delivery services – ordering, product catalogs, and price listing

If your business is running any of the service sectors or running on any of the above niches, you can foresee all the benefits of mobile apps for business. Whether your goal was to enhance customer experience, push the boundaries of your innovation or make the service highly accessible, mobile apps can offer a way to achieve all these. Mobile apps for small businesses help to build their customer base & engage with them, drive ROI and enhance the brand reputation in the online market.

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