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8 Benefits of Using Construction Workforce Management Software

Construction projects are notorious for their tight (but often missed) deadlines. When there’s no time to waste and margins are razor-thin, it can be challenging to keep track of everyone involved.

Construction workforce management software can help you track your entire team, from the beginning to the closing stages of the project. Workforce management software is an essential tool for any construction project manager.

8 Benefits of Using Construction Workforce Management Software

Whether you’re directly supervising subcontractors, collaborating with other project managers, or looking to manage employee time, the right software can help you run your entire operation more efficiently.

Keep reading to explore the benefits of using construction workforce management software like Bridgit Bench.

8 benefits of construction workforce management software‍

Construction workforce management software lessens the burden on workers to a large extent and saves money. However, you’ll need to use reliable construction workforce management software.

Here are a few benefits of using such software.

1.   It helps you manage your project schedule

When you’re managing multiple projects with tight deadlines, you’ll need an effective way to keep track of each one. Construction workforce management software allows you to easily create project schedules for each of your projects.

You can track each project, assign tasks to subcontractors, and assign a due date for each job. Once you’ve created a project schedule, you can also use the software to monitor each worker’s time and tasks, tracking progress through a dedicated hub.

Additionally, it simplifies task assignment to employees and sub-contractors.

2.   Labor costs will be easier to oversee

Construction companies that use construction workforce management software are proven to experience a 6 to 10% increase in profits.

Using the right software, construction firms can determine the right amount of employees to hire to ensure they’re making efficient use of their resources. The bottom line: software saves your company money by helping you make smarter hiring decisions.

3.   You can make more informed hiring decisions

Many construction companies require skilled workers that may not be readily available in their area. By using construction workforce management software, you’ll be able to determine the skill sets your project will need.

Using this information, you’ll be able to hire the most qualified candidates for your company based on their location.

Additionally, you can track the amount of time spent on each job site and compile data on how long a task takes to complete. This data can then be used to determine if your current workers meet expectations and whether they’ll need additional training.

4.   Subcontractor management becomes easier

Construction projects require you to work with subcontractors. Managing multiple people means keeping track of each one’s progress.

You’ll need to track each subcontractor’s expected start dates for tasks, as well as their complete and finish dates. With construction workforce management software, you can create a list of subcontractors, the work they do, and their own employees, and manage them, all in the same software.

5.   It simplifies employee management

When it comes to managing a workforce in the construction business, a project manager has to deal with a number of things, including tracking time, monitoring attendance, tracking hours worked, and tracking overtime.

Manually tracking everything can end up being a real headache. Construction workforce management software makes this easy since it integrates all the tools necessary to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.

Managers will also be able to schedule shifts for employees, oversee project duration, and manage other employee-related expenses.

6.   Improved safety standards

One of the benefits of implementing construction workforce management software is improved safety standards. Construction sites are hazardous to both employees and the public at large. With the help of software, you’ll be able to track safety information like accidents to improve the safety of your job site.

The more visibility you have into your workplace, the easier it will be to implement changes to improve safety. Employees, after all, have a right to work safely without risking their well-being.

7.   Manage suppliers better

As a construction project manager, you’ll often work with various suppliers to get the materials you need for projects. Construction workforce management software helps you manage suppliers and the respective materials you receive.

With reliable construction workforce management software‍, you can create a list of all the suppliers involved with each project and manage them using the same platform. You can also create a list of the materials needed for each project, manage them, and designate suppliers accordingly.

8.   Monitor equipment more effectively

The risk of accidents is always present on job sites and can cause delays. Fortunately, construction workforce management software can assist with monitoring equipment on your job site.

Companies can also estimate the total cost of equipment used for a project. Equipment tracking software improves asset performance by ensuring that preventative maintenance is completed on time.

Asset tracking, equipment tracking, labor resource management, inventory management, and work order management all become activities you can effectively handle with software. Check out Construction Cost Management Software for Owners | Kahua which provides comprehensive solutions to streamline financial processes and ensure precise budgeting and cost tracking throughout the project lifecycle.

Workforce management software‍ makes everything easier

Construction projects can be very challenging. One of the best ways to ensure that your projects run smoothly is through construction workforce management software.

Whether you manage projects as an owner, developer, contractor, or manager, workforce management software can help you run your entire operation more efficiently.

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