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7 Simple Tricks to Follow When Writing an Academic Essay

Reportedly, 46.4% of college students feel overwhelmed by their college workload.

It’s not hard to see why. Indeed, college students have a lot to contend with.

For most, this is the first time to be away from home and in an entirely different environment. This, coupled with college social life pressures as well as the pressure to perform well is often too much to bear.

If you are having trouble with your college essays, you are indeed in the right place. This article gives you seven tricks to follow when tackling your essays.

Hopefully, this helps take off some workload and some school stress in the process.

  1. Review and Internalize Instructions

The instructions provide are just about the most important part of the essay writing process.

Aside from the topic, pay particular attention to the number and type of required sources, the deadline, word count, and any other vital details.

Seek clarification from your professor or classmates when need be.

  1. Assemble Necessary Materials

Take notes of the instructions and embark on assembling the resources you need for the paper.

Most students struggle with finding the best sources for their papers. Your school’s library website is an excellent place to get peer-reviewed, reputable sources. The same goes for Google scholar.

Use library books as well and remember to work systematically and take down all referencing information. If you fail to do this, it becomes a struggle trying to remember where you got different information from.

This can be time consuming and frustrating, which is the last thing you need when racing to meet a deadline.

  1. Start Early

If you are like most students, you probably find yourself putting the essay off and then struggling to complete it a few days to the deadline.

This is the wrong way to go about it.

For one, you work under more pressure. Secondly, if an entire class does the same thing, it means the research books required will be limited at the school library.

Instead, start as early on as possible. If you can complete your essays weeks or months in advance, it means you have ample time to proofread, edit, and polish your essay before submission.  It also means less pressure.

  1. Recognize When You are Overwhelmed

Despite your best efforts, you might find yourself getting overwhelmed with coursework, extra-curricular activities, tests, and essays.

This does not always mean you are a lazy student. At times, these are just the realities of college.

If you find yourself in this position and no amount of sacrifice, scheduling and time management can ease the workload, it might be time to consider other options. One of these can be to buy college essays online.

This ensures continuity and takes some of the load off in the short term as you work towards catching up with your coursework.

  1. Use a Good Proofreading and Plagiarism Detection Tool

Grammatical mistakes and awkward phrasing can bring down your grade significantly.

Plagiarism has more disastrous results.

Instead of worrying about either, it is more effective to find resources to help you clean up your work and minimize instances for each.

Fortunately, there are numerous online tools you can use to check your work. Complete your work as usual, then run it through the software and make adjustments as required.

  1. Start Strong

The key to a good essay is the introduction.

Start strong by using a statistic, a controversial statement, or a rarely known fact to capture your professor’s attention.

With all the papers professors have to read through and grade, a great intro can be the difference between putting the reader off, and the reader wanting to read through your paper.

The latter often gets a better grade.

  1. Mind Your Formatting

Content aside, pat attention to your formatting as well and ensure it follows provided rules if any.

You want your work not only to read well but to be easy on the eye and flow logically.

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