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7 Mobile App Ideas to Integrate Location-Based Features

There are more than 14 billion mobile devices globally, and the number is expected to reach 17.7 billion by 2024. Every day more users are switching to smartphones and tablets to read the news, connect with their relatives, make purchases online, and check weather forecasts. All of this would be quite difficult without location-based technologies.

The market size for geolocation services reached almost $29 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $183.8 billion by 2027. Considering the number of mobile users and geolocation penetration rates, applying this technology could boost your business and revenues. In this article, we will discuss the best location-based app ideas for new and existing enterprises.

Integrate Location-Based Features

Geolocation app ideas you’d want to use

If you think about it, it’s quite challenging to find an application that doesn’t use location-based technologies: from Find My Phone to Uber and Booking. Most apps ask users to share their location, and photos are organized by the date and location in the camera roll. It is wise to create a location-based app with a GPS function to remain competitive on the market and evolve.

To explain what opportunities the geolocation technology offers, we have listed the best location-based app ideas. They cover the following industries:

  • Social media
  • Traveling
  • Mapping
  • Weather forecast
  • Online gaming
  • Advertising
  • Internet of things

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1. Social media and dating

Online communication makes up the basis for our first geolocation app idea. Almost 4 billion people use social media, and more than 1 million new users join the market every day. Location-based applications like Instagram allow using geotags on posts and photos to see users nearby, find interesting events, and make friends.

Dating applications like Tinder use this technology to match people nearby and help them find partners in the same area.

2. Traveling

Nowadays, booking applications usually have a very convenient map view. You can find a hotel or an apartment near your current location or a particular destination. It is a great idea for a navigation-based app that can include users’ feedback, travelers tips, building routes, and advertisements for local stores and restaurants.

The most popular examples of traveling apps with geolocation are Airbnb, Booking, and Recharge.

3. Mapping and navigation

Google Maps by Google is the top navigation and mapping app, with over 154 million unique users solely in the US. Other successful examples are Waze and, which can be used offline and guide you to any location step-by-step.

Even though navigation isn’t a new idea for a GPS app, it is worth your attention due to various features that can be implemented. For example, such apps can suggest venues nearby, share reviews of these places, and keep users updated on the right way to go.

4. Weather forecast

If weather app development is something that you are interested in, the geolocation feature is a must. With its help, you can provide the most accurate information based on the user’s location instead of offering a forecast of the whole city.

Spice up a weather app with useful data and a catchy design, and you will get a viable and profitable product with strong potential.

5. Online gaming

There are 931 million gamers worldwide, and the industry is expected to generate $18.2 billion in profits in 2020. This makes the gaming market one of the most attractive for businesses. Fortunately, new technologies give enough room both for market leaders and startups.

Do you remember the launch of Pokemon Go in 2016? It has changed gaming services for good and showed that an application with a geolocation feature could do magic. Such games allow users to recreate the real world and make friends with players nearby.

6. Advertising

If you are not ready to start an eCommerce enterprise, it is still possible to create a viable location-based app. Build a product that advertises shops, restaurants, hotels, and other venues and makes suggestions to users about places to go nearby.

For example, GetCouponsAlert tells about active coupons in local stores, and Zomato contains reviews and ratings of the best cafes and restaurants in different areas. In addition, you can advertise companies and sell their goods in the app.

7. Internet of Things

The Internet of things or IoT is a cross-industry that connects systems and devices with software, sensors, and other technologies across the web.  The IoT market value is expected to reach $1,319 billion in 2026 and has great potential for enterprises.

This industry offers numerous opportunities for geolocation apps. For example, smartwatches, community updates, family security, sports, pet care applications, and much more. The choice depends on your interests, goals, and budget.

Final Thoughts

Geolocation alone isn’t a magical pill that will attract thousands of users to your app or double your revenues. However, when using effectively, these solutions can significantly improve user experience and loyalty. Get familiar with the geolocation-based app ideas above, hire a team of experienced developers, and the results won’t be far behind.

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