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7 Major Packaging Market Trends With Latest Technologies

The food packaging industry has been undergoing tremendous changes with the developments of various packaging technologies. This is not about to stop because every couple of years, something new comes along. What are the packaging trends right now? In this article, we consider at least seven of the most impactful trends that you should be watching out for if you are a small business owner.

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  1. Packaging Is Now Going Edible

Whilst most food packaging providers are still using typical materials, there is evidence that some packaging firms are looking to move to edible packaging. Research is already underway to determine whether the kind of packaging that we see on sausages and other similar foods can be used on all foods sold ready to eat. The food coverings made of edible layers of protein, lipids and carbohydrates will see more use in the near future. Since the edible covering also prevents oxidation and moisture attacks on food, it can also prolong the shelf life of some foods.

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging

The ozone layer, saving the planet for future generations is a very big thing right now and the same message is being pumped in the food packaging industry. Thus, the search is on for the most eco-friendly packaging solutions. With flexible packaging having come into the picture, the food pouches just became much better, more advanced and longer lasting. People need to know that as the governments, agencies and non-governmental organizations do their part of conserving the environment, they too are playing their small part. This makes them feel better and they will be grateful that your products are helping them do that.

  1. Packaging Recycling

Hard on the heels of eco-friendly packaging comes the issue of recycling. With more evangelism going on about the environment, customers are bound to go for products with recyclable packaging. In fact, the word recyclable should appear somewhere on the packaging plus information about how to dispose of the packaging after use.

  1. Flexible Packaging Is Fast Gaining Ground

This is most probably the top trend in the food packaging industry because every small business is taking advantage of the many benefits that come with it. It uses material that is thinner and lighter than the traditional means of packaging, thus enabling trucks, planes and ships to carry more products that when using rigid packaging. In addition, it can be customized to the finest detail where you can also include your brand message, colors and anything else that you feel will help in marketing and connecting with your consumers. Flexible packaging printing allows companies to brand and advertise their products more effectively than ever.  Digital printed stand up pouches allows packaging designers to be creative and make the products so very attractive.

Flexible packaging can be used for just about any kind of food, be it liquid, dry food, pasty food, as well as ready-to eat foods. It also ensures that there is no contamination, it is resilient and can withstand all handling from the factory, transport and other stages before it gets to the consumers. Digital printing ensures that your brand message stands out strongly.

  1. More Versatile Rigid Plastic Packaging For Food

Although flexible packaging is more of the on-thing than the more traditional plastic packaging, well, the world is about to see some of the biggest changes in plastic food packaging. It is about to become better, more embellished, more durable, recyclable and will of course keep the food safe for the longest time possible. Rigid packaging is not about to go out of the market. It is just getting refined, much better and more reusable.

  1. Greatly customizable packaging

With the use of digital printing on flexible packaging, marketing just got easier because it is easy to establish a proper brand image on the minds of the people who buy your goods. You can use graphics to send your message home, to appeal to the hearts of your customers. No customer wants to buy products that come in boring packaging. 3D printing enables the packaging to stand out.

Custom shipping boxes can be created in many different shapes, colors, and designs.

More attractive packaging trends

Bland and boring cartons might soon be phased out as companies find more ways to embellish their products making them more attractive to the eye. Customers are not going to buy their favorite chocolate if it comes in drab carton covering. If the packaging does not appeal to the consumer, then the product is not worth eating at all. With 3D printing, heat transfer and other techniques, such as those provided by Zenpack, we are going to see celebrity faces on packaging, hot models and many more. Colorful sheets are finding more use in packaging and the supermarket alleys can attest to that.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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