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7 Awesome Tv Installation Ideas

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a vibrant living room without an entertainment wall as they have become a vital living room feature almost replacing the traditional fireplaces which have become obsolete in modern spaces. The rapid TV technological advancement has seen the production of sleek and lighter weight TV units that come in a variety of sizes and can perfectly fit in almost any space. While installing your TV, you obviously would want to achieve an optimum viewing angle for the TV to be viewed comfortably from every corner of the living room. Most people would prefer installing their TV sets at the center of the living room, but this also presents challenges for the storage of the TV receiver, music systems, movie media and other components especially when one wants to achieve a minimalist living room appearance. Nevertheless, with the below excellent TV installation ideas, be sure to achieve a modern vista living room appearance when installing your TV.

7 Awesome Tv Installation Ideas

  1. Backlit Television

This awesome TV installation idea is perfect for those who love experimenting with different lights. In this arrangement, TV decoder, media units, decorative items are placed on a wooden block built on the side of the TV display. The backlight creates a sense of ambiance in the living room and provides a lovely cozy glow just like a traditional flame fireplace. This installation can also feature color changing LED lights that can be controlled from a smartphone for a remarkable appearance.

  1. Mounting it against a wooden panel backdrop

For a classic and modern living room appearance, the TV is mounted against a wood panel background that stretches out to fill the entire wall. In this installation, the TV is installed to one end of the wall while the adjacent side of the wall can be used to display your favorite artworks such as your portraits, paintings or drawings. You can also place the backdrop wood panel running vertically from the floor to the ceiling to create an impression of a chimney breast.

  1. Mapping Out

This installation idea is about concealing electronic appliances to achieve a minimalist, modern vista living room appearance. The TV is enclosed in a map bringing a vintage vibe into the living room giving it an overall rustic appearance.

  1. Open Shelf Mounting

In open shelf mounting, the TV is installed at the center of creativity done open shelves of different dimensions. A touch of creativity is added with an offset alignment giving an illusion of sliding volumes. For book lovers, books can be arranged beautifully surrounding the television which is installed at the center.

  1. Framing It

You can choose to frame your television to give your living a simple lined out appearance. This installation capitalizes on the favorite pipe furniture which offers a rustic and casual statement. To conceal annoying TV cables in this installation, you may want to go for a purpose-built frame that will allow room in the back to keep those cables out of site by aerial installers.

  1. Mounts on Symmetrical Constructions

A centrally constructed asymmetric geometric panel provides an ideal placement of the television in your living room. The geometric panels give the television an edgy look which blends in perfectly to form a technological pattern on the wall. You can also choose to experiment with different colors to make a unique living room statement.

  1. Marble finish accent walls

If you would love a luxe look, then mount your TV against marble effects panels. To complete this exotic installation, place a side positioned contemporary fireplace on a low-level wall mounted unit along with beautiful nesting coffee tables.

To conclude, your television should blend perfectly with your interior décor and therefore its crucial that you choose a perfect installation idea to complement the overall living room appearance. There is no shortage of excellent TV installation ideas, and you should be struggling to find one.

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