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6 Surprising and Cool Things You Can Buy Online

6 Surprising and Cool Things You Can Buy Online

We all know that the internet is full of weird and wonderful stuff, but recently, it seems to have gone to the next level. No matter what your issue is around the home, you can bet that there’s a whacky solution to be found online. From bazookas that shoot out perfectly formed sushi to mountable wine racks that you can store in a closet, we’re counting down our top six surprising and cool things you can buy online.

  1. Metal Wine Racks

Gone are the days when we rely upon restaurants and sommeliers to teach us about the ultimate grape juice. Most people have at least a few decent bottles of wine lying around at home — so why not make a feature out of them? If you’re an amateur collector or a connoisseur, wine displays are beautiful features in the house. You can buy metal wine racks from plenty of places, but make sure to carefully browse through the different styles, so you get the best one for your home.

  1. Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaners

You can now purchase metal tongue scrapers to remove pesky residue from your tongue! People all over the world are excited about this smart yet simple way of freshening breath and stopping bacteria from building up. They come in nifty elegant cases that don’t give away the contents contained within at all.

  1. Sushi Bazookas

Sushi is one of the tastiest foods on the whole planet. If you’re sick of rolling loose and uninspired California rolls, but you’re determined to make them at home, invest in a sushi bazooka. Just load it up with rice and fillings, then shoot it out into its nori jacket. You’ll have perfect maki in no time at all.

  1. Critter Catchers

That’s right — no more avoiding entire rooms for days on end or calling in neighbors to help remove spiders and creepy crawlies from your home. You can now get a cruelty-free handy device that catches critters and lets you release them back into the wild, without needing to go anywhere near them!

  1. Slippers That Clean the Floor

Have you ever noticed dust on the sole of your slippers and felt like you’re cleaning the floor with your feet? Well, now, you actually can. Slippers with proper chenille soles let you dance, prance or slide across the floor as you sweep.

  1. Toilet Bowl Lighting

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and getting blinded by the brightness of the light. With toilet bowl lighting, a sensor the interior of the bowl detects motion and switches on a gentle, colored light. Not only does this make your toilet look way more chill, but you’ll fall straight back into dreamland as soon as you get back to bed.

So, whether collecting awesome wine tickles your fancy, or you prefer the idea of multitasking slippers — the magical digital world has all of the solutions you could ever need.

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