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6 Pieces of Evidence You Need to Collect to Win a Car Accident Claim Case

Car accidents are usually very stressful scenarios, and they can leave one with substantial damages and cause a lot of pain as well. It’s crucial to collect evidence after the crash if you want your insurance to cover the damages you incur.

Car Accident Claim Case

Certain pieces of evidence are crucial for success in car accident claims. This article will highlight the 6 kinds of evidence you need to collect to win a claim.

Witness Statements

If there were bystanders or other witnesses who saw the accident, make sure to get their contact information, full names, and brief statements of what they witnessed. If needed, your attorney can follow up on this and have them swear affidavits. In some cases, your lawyer can even call these people in as witnesses if necessary.

Photos of the Accident

Photos of the crash will help you get a clear picture of everything that happened. Take pictures of your damaged vehicle, the skid marks on the road (if any), and the scratches and bruises on your body. You can also take photos of any construction projects or road defects that may have helped cause the accident.

Additionally, you can also go one step further and take videos to show the negligence of the other party involved. For instance, if they were texting or talking on their phones during the time of the accident.

Medical Reports

You should always seek medical assistance immediately if you sustain physical injuries from a car accident. Make sure your doctor examines you for both non-visible and visible injuries. To justify your car accident claim, you’ll need to include your medical report. The doctor’s assessment will provide insight into the bruises and fractures you suffered and how bad they are. The review will also provide what you had to pay for diagnosis and treatment.

Police Statements

Police officers typically arrive immediately after receiving information about the collision. When they arrive, they’ll start analyzing and inspecting the crash site and will take note of everything they find. Their assessment normally contains many details, such as the conditions that caused the incident and the person they think is responsible for the crash. If the accident happens in Missouri, you can easily access the MSHP crash report online. Access to this document is essential if you decide to take your case to court.

Driver’s Information

Don’t let the other driver leave the scene of the accident without identifying themselves. Try to get their full names, contact information, license numbers, etc. If the driver is an employee using the work vehicle, ask them to provide you with their supervisor’s name and contact information.

The Other Vehicle’s Details

Document the make, model, and year of the other car involved in the accident. You might not be able to get this information once the car leaves the crash site, which is why you need to act as soon as you possibly can. This is why it’s important not to let the other driver leave the scene.


If you collect these 6 pieces of evidence, then you’ll have done all you can to increase the chances of successful car accident claim. Hopefully, now you’ll be able to get what you rightfully deserve.

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