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5 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable and More Efficient

Many of us have had to adjust to the new working norms rather abruptly this past year. Even though many have returned to their workplaces, for a huge number of people, working from home has become a more permanent measure. So what started as an emergency measure, is going to become a norm.


Hastily transforming available spaces into home office can work temporarily, but as we settle in, we should look at ways we can improve our work at home experience. Space restraints has made people more innovative than ever. While many have transformed spare bedrooms into home offices, many have had to settle for whatever space they found, be it the dining hall or the attic. As the trend seems to become a permanent fixture for many professionals, it is time to make your home office more comfortable and efficient.

Tips for Making a Home Office More Comfortable

As you prepare yourself to settle into a permanent routine of working from home, try out some of the tips outlined below to treat yourself to a well-deserved comfortable working space.

Get a Good Chair

Working from home involves long hours spent sitting on chairs. The health issues that can arise from sitting in one place for long hours can be minimized with the help of a good chair. It will relax your back and provide good lumbar-support to keep your comfortable during your working hours.

Remove Clutter

There is no bigger distraction than clutter. Not only it clouds the mind, it also makes it very difficult to find things when you need them. Use a free weekend to remove all the things that you don’t need in neat boxes or inside cupboards to gift yourself a tidy and smart working space.

Don’t Use the Space for Anything Else

Although space restraint is a serious problem, selecting a multi-purpose space for your home office is not a good idea. Not only this will cause severe distraction, it will also result in disorganisation. It will also severely affect your work-life balance; with you finding it difficult to optimise your working hours and other family members finding it difficult to use the room without getting in your way.

Reduce Noise

Noise reduction is a priority when you are working from home. Neighbourhood noise, coupled with household noise, can add to the din considerably. Create a space for yourself that effectively shuts out most of the external noises so that you can focus on your work.

Create an Ideal Ambience

This is easier said than done. There are so many factors that go into creating that perfect ambience for work. You will need a perfect blend of adequate lighting, comfortable temperature, reduction of glare, and appealing aesthetics. The aesthetic element of your workspace also has a big effect on your mind. A décor style that matches your personality will be a great help in increasing your comfort level.

How Can Window Treatment Solutions Help?

Selecting a proper window treatment solution such as using no fixing blinds for your home office windows will go a long way in optimizing the available space, as well as creating the perfect ambiance for you to immerse yourself in work.

Natural Wood Shutters

Natural wood shutters are a great choice if you wish to have light, temperature, and sound control, all rolled into one window treatment solution. The thick material of natural wood is a great insulator, even when the slats are partially open. The slats can be positioned to turn the light away from your computer screen, while the room receives adequate light. Close the slats to cut off all the light and reduce noise. These tough shutters can also be used as room dividers to give you a nice little corner to turn into a workspace.

Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are another flexible option for home office windows. These blinds have alternating stripes of fabric, one sheer and another light filtering, which can be adjusted to give you a gentle filtering of light, or allow you to see through, depending on what you need. These blinds are extremely stylish and can be a decorative as well as practical choice for your home office.

Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are great for privacy and insulation. These lightweight blinds come with a sleek, pleated look that would add definition and structure to your windows. Cellular blinds are made of cell like structures which trap air and turn the whole blind into an insulating layer. These blinds are also great for privacy. The best part is that cellular blinds can be modified to fit almost any window shape, making it ideal for any odd shaped window you might have in your working space.

Vertical Blinds

Another versatile option, vertical blinds can add a unique visual interest into the room. The vertical slats are much bigger in size when compared to horizontal blinds. For this reason, the slats provide greater light control, better view, and greater cover. With vertical blinds, you get the option of positioning the blinds to control the direction and flow of the light into the room. For room darkening and better heat protection, shut close all the slats.

Motorization and Automation

Enhance the functionalities of your blinds and shutters by automating them. With simple solutions like Somfy motorized shades, you will be able to control your blinds or shades without even getting up from your seat. Imagine being in the middle of a meeting and the sun shines directly on your face or on the screen. With automated blinds, you just need to press a button to get the blinds down, without even a pause in the conversation. Take you home office comfort and efficiency to another level with the motorization option and take the stress out of working from home.

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