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5 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t want to work and yet wants to earn money? Well, do you like playing games? You can now get paid for playing video games. However, it might be a little difficult. For instance, you can sell CSGO skins for PayPal. In order to make money from a video game, you have to patient and willing to commit. Here are a few ways you will be able to make money playing video games.

Make Money Playing Video Games

Live Streaming

You can stream the game in real-play so that the world can see it. Your primary will be to garner a large number of audiences. Some of the popular platforms are YouTube and Twitch.

Nevertheless, it is going to take you time to build an audience. Getting even 10 viewers might take you months and you might fail to reach 100 viewers in one year. For live streaming, you will require thousands of regular viewers. The sphere is oversaturated when it comes to streaming. Keep in mind, yours is not the only video that is being streamed. Thus, you will have to set yourself apart from the others. Either you have to be the best player or playing a game which is not being played by anybody.

In order to start with you, you just need a computer, a game that viewers don’t watch, and software to stream.

Try Games Journalism

Launch a site or use an existing one to start writing your reviews, news, or interviews based on a specific game, industry, or genre. When you write for an existing site, you are going to get paid for each article as a freelance writer. However, if you start journalism on your site you have the option to monetize traffic with the help of ads or subscriptions.

You need to keep in mind that this is a competitive field. There are many people who want to do this for a living. In case you work on an existing site then you will have to earn pennies while you prove your skill. On the other hand, if you develop your own site, it is going to take years to gather an audience. So, make sure you have the real talent for it.

You need to look for a position at medium-sized game sites. Also, have some sample writing ready. Send your application and just hope for the best. In case you do not have sample writing, you should start writing for smaller sites. It is better to launch your own site when you have many years of experience.

Create Tutorials and Guides

Players who are new to video games tend to love reading guides, particularly when it is a multiplayer game. You can develop a website for written guides, upload guides on YouTube, or publish an eBook guide. The first two options are monetized by ads and the last option earns money through revenue.

In order to make a living, you will have to create a guide of popular games. However, the competition is going to be greater with popular games. Make sure that your guide has greater insight than the others. Hence, you will have to spend enough time and be different than the others. You need strong writing skill for this. Your guides have to be comprehensive and dense. So, find a game and figure out what are the aspects that players might be having trouble with. Get the details of the problem and then tell the viewers how they can overcome it.

Host a YouTube Channel and Podcast

You can create a monthly, weekly, or daily to gaming. It might be a discussion based on opinions, tricks, and tips for a particular game, interviews with all high-profile player, etc. YouTube videos and Podcast can be monetized using ads and subscriptions.

It is necessary to gain a sizeable number of the audience before you start any revenue. Make sure that the show is attractive enough so the viewers tune in, avoid being shallow, boring, and producing poor quality videos. This is because it can keep the show from attaining success.

For this, you will need to know how to create a video. However, your content does not have to be as comprehensive as the guide.

Win Tournaments and Get Sponsorship

Tournaments are quite common for multiplayer games. More the popularity of the game more is the prize amount. In case you are skilled to be a part of eSports organization, you can earn good money through sponsorship and winnings. Competitive games tend to take advantage of Live Streaming games to make some more money.

However, you need to have real skill as not everyone has the capability to win. There are some best players in the world who get knocked out quite early in the tournament and have zero winnings. And if you are not at the top consistently then just cannot live off the winnings. Moreover, the industry of eSports is quite young. If you land a position on the revered team, the salary might be way below minimum wage. This is an industry which is filled with thieves and con artist. You will more often learn about players who aren’t paid like they had been promised.

To earn money from this, you will have to look for a multiplayer game which offers a lot of tournament along with robust interest from the organizations of eSports. Keep practicing and with time, you will get better. When you do, start to network with the other players for getting your name out there.

Games are quite fun since they are fun and allows you to escape reality. When you turn into a job, the escapism aspect will disappear. Hence, it is going to be more fun. If you love games then you can think about turning it into a prospective career. Obviously, you do not want to regret it later on. In case you still have to move ahead then you can make your way in order to make it your living means.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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