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5 Ways to Get Amazon Product Reviews

Did you know that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?

Word of mouth is mighty, and the word-of-mouth of the internet is no different.

Online reviews can make or break your business. Reviews are one of the key influencers of a consumer’s buying decision.

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce store, and if you want your business to be a success, you need those reviews.

Get Amazon Product Reviews

So how to get reviews on Amazon?

Well, here are five great ways to get a fantastic Amazon product review profile.

Create the Most Detailed Product Listings

When people choose to purchase a product from you, they decide to spend their hard-earned money with you. So there’s nothing worse than being misled about a product.

It’s happened to all of us, and it’s infuriating. But, hey, that’s the internet for you.

And guess what?

Most negative online reviews are a result of products not being as they claim.

For this reason, transparency is vital. Give as many details about your product as you possibly can.

Consumers love honesty. Heck, even if they aren’t the biggest fan of your product, they will still appreciate your honesty.

Honesty and transparency can go a long way and will bode well for you in the future.

Not only will they leave you a good review, but they are more likely to buy from you again.

Ask for Feedback

After the customer has made a purchase, ask them to provide feedback. Although Amazon already offers this feature as the “Request a Review” button on the order’s page, you’ll need to click on it manually for each store.

Instead, you can automate this with the best Amazon feedback service. Moreover, such services can send out personalized and custom requests with high conversion rates. Depending on the type of product, you can set up when it’s better to send review requests. For example, for clothes, right after the delivery works the best while it’s still fresh in their minds. For electronics, you should wait for 5-7 days so a customer will have enough time to test the purchase.

Don’t shy away from asking for feedback because chances are. If they love your product, they will leave one anyway.

It’s just on you to make it easy for them to do so. Also, always show your appreciation by saying thank you-one for buying your product and two for leaving a review.

Enter Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program 

If you want to get a good Amazon rating, you can enter into Amazon Early Reviewer Program. Amazon created this platform specifically to encourage customers to leave a review.

When a customer makes a purchase, Amazon then sends them out a $5 gift card offer to leave a review.

To enroll in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program, all you have to do is submit one of your products and then agree to the terms and conditions.

Buying Amazon Reviews 

Yes, you can buy Amazon reviews. It’s not the best idea, but it’s an option.

However, keep in mind that Amazon is trying to crack down on fake reviews.

If you get caught, you can get into serious trouble and even get your account suspended.

Sure, with significant risk comes great reward, but you have to think about whether it’s worth it. It’s your call.

Handle Bad Reviews Well 

Getting a bad review is never a nice feeling. It can hurt, and people on the internet can be ruthless.

Regardless of whether the bad review is warranted, you have to learn how to handle bad reviews. Because here’s the reality, it’s not a matter of if you get a bad review but a matter of when.

Sometimes, there are just no pleasing people. It happens.

Always prepare yourself for the worst. Then understand how you will approach a lousy review.

First, you need to identify whether it’s a bad review regarding the seller or the product.

If the customer had issues with purchasing, see how the problem can be fixed. If need be, offer them a refund, replenish the product for free.

If a bad review is left about the product, you have to be tactical with your approach. If you are going to respond publicly, be careful with your wording. Many people watch from the side to see how you react, which can add further fuel to the fire.

Just remember, don’t let bad reviews put you off. Instead, when you do get a bad review, focus on the solution rather than the review itself.

Better yet, focus on burying the bad reviews with the positive ones-the more, the merrier.

The Bottom Line 

Getting reviews on Amazon can be a tricky business, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Of course, you can try many other methods, but these five mentioned are a good starting point. Try then and start getting those five-star reviews you deserve!

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