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5 Ways Link Building Is Changing SEO

Contrary to popular belief, building links isn’t an obsolete optimization tactic. The procurement of links from quality, authoritative websites a vital part of your SEO efforts.

5 Ways Link Building Is Changing SEO

Google confirmed that links are one of the top ranking factors in its algorithm. Recent SEO surveys reveal that many of today’s SEO experts have used link building effectively in improving the rank of a given website.

How is link building changing SEO itself?

1. Link Profiles are More Important

Having a strong link profile is more important than ever. Google’s RankBrain machine learning gains more knowledge by the day and as it does, its search engine will be able to use link profile data to match the content with the user’s intention. The use of artificial intelligence and voice search continues to grow. That makes it important to plan your keyword strategies to work well with them.

A robust link profile includes links from a wide array of sources that are relevant to your website and make sense. When your website receives traffic from a lot of lower-quality or irrelevant sites, search engines can penalize you. Tools like Ahrefs can help you determine your URL rating distribution.

2. Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow

Influencer marketing simply refers to the relationships you forge with other bloggers and social media influencers. These are peers you collaborate with to promote products, information, reviews, and more. Link building works best here if the collaboration includes original content and links to such.

Audiences like real, authentic content as much as search engines do. Content that is free of hidden links and surprise sales pitches gets the best results. In being transparent, brands earn the trust of their customers who are usually more willing to read ads or reviews about their goods and services. Ensure you fully disclose all relationships with your business to ensure compliance with FTC and Google policy.

3. Reputable Link Building Solutions Gain Importance

It’s not easy to get links from high-quality websites with strong relevance to yours. Google rewards websites that show authority and expertise with higher ranks. When others link back to your site, Google takes note of the authority signal and boosts your search engine ranking.

Quality link building isn’t an easy task, even for professionals. That’s why many seek the help of professionals for this part of their SEO marketing strategy. Solutions like those offered by PureLinq use an established database of trusted authors, bloggers, and influencers for the purpose of building top-quality relevant links. Link building solutions with PureLinq offer great variety and can be quite effective.

4. Categorical Relevance is More Important Than Ever

How you categorize your products or services is important in your SEO efforts. Base your strategy on what categories your audience is using to find what you have to offer. Try to get as close as you can to in matching your categories to content relevancy and the search intent of your users.

In building your content around your customers’ search intent, you’ll expand your influencer and profile reach. That increases your relevance in related categories and your customers may also be using those in searching for your products and services.

As you expand your link profile and influencer outreach to target more websites in these categories, your site will likely be seen as more relevant to related categories. That increased reach boosts your chance of establishing links from other authoritative, relevant websites and helps boost your target traffic.

5. Google’s Shutting Down Black Hat Link Building Schemes

Google’s ability to detect black hat SEO techniques is also growing. Google has appointed itself an internet guardian that provides its visitors with quality content and seeks to protect them from those with ill intentions. For best results, it’s best to avoid questionable tactics. If you need help, stick with link building solutions with PureLinq or other reputable companies.

Shady practices like comment spam, paid links, and blog networks can’t be used to cheat your way to a decent rank. Google can penalize you for such techniques by lowering your rank or banning your site altogether. By making an effort to learn good link building practices and keeping up with any changes, you’ll not only have an edge over your competition but you’ll also enjoy solid, measurable results from your SEO efforts over time.

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