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5 Ways Courier Software Benefits Shipping Carriers

Delivery businesses face a number of challenges today. Company owners are constantly working to improve business processes, cut transportation costs and strengthen customer service in an effort to increase efficiency from start to finish.

5 Ways Courier Software Benefits Shipping Carriers


One way shipping carriers seek to overcome these challenges is to use courier software to optimise what is known as end-to-end visibility. It gives customers real-time access to status and shipment information, enables carriers to see route details at all times, and provides clear delivery instructions to drivers. You can check out for innumerable features and supreme quality.

In a business where customer needs are time-sensitive, there are a number of demands that must be met each day. Courier software such as OnTime 360 contains apps that address the issues shipping carriers face by offering the features that matter to every part of the delivery business. The end result is a wealth of opportunities that make the process run more smoothly.

Such features include: management tools, dispatching capabilities, mobile apps drivers can use, web-based access for customers and the ability to take care of customised needs. Here are five important benefits to keep in mind when considering the advantages of using courier software for a shipping carrier business.

1. Courier Software Enables Faster Delivery

By utilising features like route optimisation, delivery businesses can maximise the shipping process while minimising fuel costs. This increases efficiency by allowing for more exact planning throughout the delivery process from start to finish. The use of turn-by-turn directions makes it easier for drivers to get from point A to point B in less time, and implementing digital proof of delivery will result in faster shipments.

2. Courier Software Reduces Cost

By taking advantage of features such as electronic proof of delivery, shipping businesses can eliminate paperwork. This also facilitates more accurate record keeping, because the courier software keeps track of each step in the shipping and delivery process.

Going paperless also means a reduction in the amount of necessary storage space, allowing for greater optimisation of square footage in the office. It also results in less time sending delivery confirmations to customers, freeing up employees to perform other tasks.

3. Courier Software Improves The Customer Experience

Courier software like OnTime 360 offers customers an improved overall customer experience by enabling them to track their delivery during every step of the shipping process. They will have the option of receiving automated updates, and can even regularly check the status via the website. This allows customers to be more involved by taking a proactive approach.

4. Courier Software Allows for Faster Invoicing

The ability to eliminate invoicing delay will provide many financial advantages. The sooner invoices are sent, the quicker they are likely to be paid. Point of delivery invoicing actually speeds up the revenue cycle, while strengthening customer relations.

5. Courier Software Can Reduce the Number of Miles for Drivers

Features such as on-the-fly adjustments result in less time between stops for drivers. This means a reduction in the fatigue that can occur from unnecessary driving, and more efficient delivery time.

GPS capability also completely eliminates the research and guess work from the driving equation, providing exact mapping and directions to delivery locations. This, too, shortens routes while providing greater efficiency.

Courier software helps shipping carriers keep up with the constantly changing demands of today. Offering services like same day delivery, quickly responding to customer queries and updating order logistics information is now easier than ever before. Business owners can take advantage of useful tools needed to manage orders, optimise operations and speed up delivery by streamlining through one central point of access in real-time. The end result is a more efficient delivery process that enhances business relations and increases revenue.

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