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5 Tips to Paying For Legal Assistance

Lawsuits are scary. When you or your loved are involved in a lawsuit you will need a lawyer to represent you in court. However, a good lawyer will cost you. If your legal situation is complicated and a lot is at stake, going at it alone without the help of an attorney is not an option. But what do you do when you don’t have enough money to pay for a good attorney?

legal assistance on a budget

Here are 5 important tips to paying for legal assistance on a budget.

1. Get a Lawsuit Loan

If you were involved in a car accident and your injuries have caused you to lose your source of income or incur huge medical bills, you need to understand that your financial situation could get worse because lawsuits are time-consuming and it could take a while before you win a judgment. If you are in such a situation a lawsuit loan could be your best bet because it will help you cover your medical bills, settle mortgage payments and car loans as you wait for your lawsuit to be completed. There are many settlement funding cases that are eligible for a loan so whether you have been in a car accident, been wrongfully terminated at work, or faced a civil lawsuit (among many, many other things), it’s well worth doing your research to see if you could get financial assistance with your case.

A lawsuit loan will also provide you with enough time to negotiate for a good settlement. Since the lawsuit loan provides financial relief, you and your attorney will have enough time to negotiate for a fair settlement with the defendant. Talk to Uplift legal funding today and get fast approval of your loan at a reasonable rate.

2. Set up a Payment Plan with Your Attorney

Even though lawyers are not required by law to offer payment plans some actually do. Talk to your lawyer in advance and ask them if they are willing to draw up a payment plan that will help you cater for the cost of the case. If you are in luck, you could get a lawyer who is willing to accept a partial payment paid upfront followed by smaller installments paid over time.

3. Pay Using Your Credit Card

If you need to pay for a one-time legal fee such as a consultation then a credit card could be the easiest way. Many law firms in America accept this mode of payment and it’s an easy way of earning points. However, make sure that you settle your payment quickly to avoid accumulating interests and lowering your credit score.

4. Reach Out To Your Friends and Social Networks

If your case is one that might attract public interest then crowdfunding could be a great option. Platforms such as GoFundMe can help you reach out to social networks and raise money to pay for legal assistance. The platform you use may request you to pay some amount of money from the total collection, therefore, ensure that you have factored these costs when setting your goals.

5. Apply For a Personal Loan

Another way of paying for legal assistance is by applying for a personal loan. Once the lender has approved your request, you can have your money in your bank account in just a few days.  The bank will also give you the terms and conditions of paying the loan before you sign the contract. However, to qualify for a personal loan you will need to have fair to excellent credit. Be sure to talk to your bank or apply for a pre-approval before asking for any loans.

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