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5 Tips To Get Correct Voip Phone

Yealink T21P VoIP pHONE is one of the best VoIP phone products you can find on the market. It has complete features, such, as HD voice, dual-port Ethernet, LCD display and more. However, if you want to try other product from other brands, you can use our tips below. These tips will help you to get the best VoIP Phone that is suitable for what you need.

5 Tips To Get Correct Voip Phone

Compatible Service Provider

Before you buy and choose the product, make sure you know what kinds of VoIP phone that your phone service provider support. So, you can’t just choose any phone that you can find. Some of them have the different codec, which is a special code system that matches with the certain service provider.

The Person that Will Use the Phone

You also need to pay attention to the place where you will install the phone. Make sure it’s suitable with the activity in that area as well as the person that use it. In a company, each area and person has different job and activity. Therefore, make sure the VoIP phone can provide the performance that can support that activity.

The Features

The product with many and useful features doesn’t always to be the best option you can choose. The features and its functionality have to be able to support the person and activity that use it. For example, you will need the conference feature, if you plan to place the VoIP phone in the meeting room.

Speaker, display and extra extension for its cable are also important features you can consider. The speaker will be very helpful in a big room. The display is a great choice if you plan to use it a lot. Operate it from the touchscreen will save more time. Basically, you choose the phone with the features that can be really useful for you.

The Incoming Call Numbers

The incoming call numbers will determine how many lines that you need to use in the VoIP phone. For standard usages, such as at the office, you can choose VoIP phone with 3 to 5 lines. That would be enough to receive the incoming calls to your office.

However, if you plan to place it at the operating room or receptionist, you may need more than just 5 lines. You can choose the phone with 10 lines. In this place, you will receive a lot of incoming calls. Therefore, the VoIP phone must be able to provide the functionality that you need.

The Routing Capabilities and Codec

It depends on the network that you have in your office. If you use IP phone with a computer in the same network, find a phone with RJ45 Ethernet ports. This will solve the problem. The codec is also important. Mostly, the major service provider uses G.711 or G.729 and its series. You can find a VoIP phone that supports this codec easier.

Considering all of the factors above will help you to get the best quality VoIP phone. It will give you a useful feature. But, the most important thing, the phone will be able to increase your productivity.

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