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5 Tips For Buying The New Leather Apple Watch Band

A proper watch band is an essential companion to any wrist watch. Switching to a new one is easy. A broad and wide selection can considerably pull out the number of arrangements available to you and the spectator.

New Leather Apple Watch Band

The band often is visible to the observer than the face of the watch. By their very nature, watch band are often less costly than a whole new wristwatch. Therefore it is pretty cost-effective to expand the collection of straps over buying a new watch.

That’s not to utter, and an individual can own a vast collection of watches – ensure not to neglect the one which connects them to the wrists.

Here is a short guide to help you buy the best and the correct leather apple watch band.

Tips on buying the right wristwatch band-

1- Get the band of the appropriate size-

Compute the width between watch lugs to ensure you are ordering the correct size leather apple watch band. A band too big in size will bunch up and pop off or wouldn’t fit.

Also, a band too much small will have no gap or annoying shifting motion as your wristwatch separately moves from your band.

Lug width is determined in mm; that is why you will see sizes such as 22mm on the online stores. Get the ruler and calculate the distance between lugs before you make an order.

Also, you can look up the lug widths on the website.

Remember, even the figures are pretty famous, but it is not easier to find odd figures.

2- Get the right length-

New Leather Apple Watch Band 1

Mostly the wristwatch band comes in a standard length which easily fits on almost all the wrists.

In case your wrist is relatively small or big, you must consider getting a shorter or longer band.

Determine the wrist’s size using soft tape, or else you can wrap a piece of paper around the wrist and lay it down flat and then calculate the size.

Wristwatch bands usually is measured in millimetres same as the width.

The websites that cater to the needs of different buyers often show sizes in inches. Also, you will notice that two measures are commonly mentioned just next to one another- for instance, 130/85mm.

These sizes are for every half of the watch band that a buyer orders. The small size is typically the end of the buckle, while the longer end the punched holes.

3-Obtain appropriate apparatus-

With the help of the spring bar tool, wristwatch bands are taken away. They make it easier to take away the old band and put the new one.

In a pinch, you may use a tiny screwdriver or a knife.  Also, you may need a soft cloth for the watch to rest on so it doesn’t get scratched.

If your watch doesn’t have a band at all, it might miss the spring bar tool. You can order new from a genuine online seller for several dollars, although several straps companies include spring bars, and that is for free.

Also, the bar is measured in millimetres and will need to be ordered to size.

Some watch band companies sell fast-release band that doesn’t use a spring tool. Instead, there’s a little knob on the bands underneath, which compresses the spring bar.

4- Test out the hardware-

New Leather Apple Watch Band 2

Some watch bands rarely are sold with no buckles. You must therefore check the listing before ordering. You don’t want to end up simply buying a band to find out that also you must purchase a knuckle to go along with the band.

You may like to replace the normal buckle with a new one that matches the case on the flip side. Most replacement watch band is stainless steel or brushed.

So if you have a watch case that is neither of two colours, you may look into getting the matching hardware from someplace.  Versatile colours include black, rose gold and gold.

5-Obtain the appropriate material-

New Leather Apple Watch Band 3

Check the listing for clues as to what material the strap is made from. Also, you can email or send the text on an instant chat box asking about the material used for making the strap of the wristwatch.

Maybe you are supplied the watchband made using any other material, and it is claimed that you are provided with a leather apple watch band.

Some fake suppliers charge the money massively, saying that orderers will be provided exactly what buyers pay for.

The chances are there that a material that looks the same like leather is crafted in such a way exactly to match the ordinary leather.

If the material matters lot, checking on the watch website and forums for trusted strap suppliers who are appreciated for using particular materials will be a better option.

Why buying a watch band from a genuine supplier is advantageous always?

If anybody wants to buy a leather apple watch band online, choosing a reliable and genuine supplier will work favorably. Buyers will be benefitted from them in several ways.

Even it will result to having wonderful buying experience from them. Below are some benefits mentioned why buying from a reliable one is a better option.

1- Buyers will get what they expect-

The first and obvious benefit of buying a leather apple watch band from a reliable online store is that they will supply what they mention in their website’s product description.

Therefore buyers will remain greatly contended receiving the excellent quality of product at just once. They will stay away from the nonsense process of asking for the refunding or getting the product replaced.

Replacing and refunding are so annoying and time consuming.

2-  Better costs-

Another advantage that comes to the list is cost. The site will always consider their esteem patrons budget and will provide a massive range of options at better rates.

This will make the buyer buy more at a time without needing it every time, placing the order for another strap and paying extra delivery costs, which is costlier but time-consuming.


So you have learned all the essential things which are to be kept in mind when buying a leather apple watch band. Let us stop our discussion, and the above-described information is enough to help you make a better buying decision.

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