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5 Things that Are More than Accessories for Your Teenager’s Car

Driving in India is a challenge for one and all. The traffic woes are enough to keep everyone on their toes. The non-existent traffic rules keep the parents worried about theirteenager and their well-being. Not letting the teenager sit behind the wheel is certainly not an option; thus, the need foraccessories or things that can ensure the safety and security of your teen.

From installing a GPS tracker to keeping all the documentation in place – some essentials prove to be more than just accessories for your teenager’s car. Take a look!

Accessories for Your Teenager's Car

Car Security Device – GPS Tracker Cum Dash Cum

When we say car security device, we don’t just mean that you install a vanilla GPS tracker that informs you just about the location of your teen’s car. Installing a device that acts as both GPS tracker and dash cam is a necessity. The house of KENT has come up with a first-of-its-kind car security device that offers features you have never heard off. From offering live video streaming of inside and outside the car to sending alerts like over speeding, this device does it all. The user-friendly app lets you know the whereabouts of your teenager whenever you want.

That’s not all! The device also sends a notification when someone tries to manhandle it while trying to plug it our or hide the camera. To sum up – KENT CamEye is a dash cam with dual cameras, inbuilt GPS and a lot more that makes it just perfect for your teenager’s car.

Panic Button

You might not be able to keep an eye on the well-being of your teen all the time. Hence, the need for a panic button. Install the panic button in a place from where all passengers of the car can easily access it in times of emergency. You might not know this, but the panic button is a lifesaver and has helped many people come out safely from a host of situations in the past.

First Aid Kit

As per the Central Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for car owners to keep a first aid kit in their vehicle. Though there is a kit provided from the manufacturer’s end, it’s a basic one. A good thing to do is to add essentials to the kit as per needs. From a hand sanitizer, general medicines to band-aids, and antiseptic cream include everything that seems necessary.Give your teenager basic first-aid knowledge, so they use the kit with perfection in times of need.

CarAir Purifier

The health of air that we breathe is declining at a rapid speed. Though air-purifiers are a life-saving device, it is something rarely talked about. The air inside the car is equally harmful, and installing a car purifier will ensure that your teenager is breathing healthy air. When looking to buy an air purifier, invest in the one with HEPA technology for maximum protection.

Fire Extinguisher

Keeping a fire extinguisher in cabs and taxis is mandatory by law, but what’s the harm in keeping one in a private vehicle? Charred cars on the corners of the road is a common sight that points to the importance of having a fire extinguisher in the car. So, to add an extra layer of security in your teenager’s car, trust a fire extinguisher.

As a parent, we know that you will do anything to keep your teenager safe while on the road. Take these five essentials as added advice from our end to add to the security. From KENT CamEye – new age Dash Cam Cum GPS Tracker in India to fire extinguisher, equip the car with everything before your teen heads on for the first drive.

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