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5 Rummy Tips to Help You Fill Your Pocket with Real Money

Playing rummy for cash is fast catching up as an interesting means of entertainment. Also, who doesn’t love to earn some extra cash? Well, playing rummy for fun is different from playing rummy for earning real cash rewards. You’ve got to be serious and more focused on your moves, strategies and your opponents. If you are new to rummy, you could be very keen on knowing the tips that will help you earn big in rummy.

Here’s a list of interesting tips of rummy that’ll help you strike gold at free play rummy online.

  1. Arrangement of cards

Simple and easy steps will go a long way. As with rummy, to start with, segregate the cards according to their suits – Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts,and Spades. Then you could arrange the cards in alternating colours of red and black. This activity will help you understand how good, bad or mediocre a hand you have and also you’ll not discard any cards by mistake.

  1. Get the pure sequence on priority

The best rummy players always go by the rule book. The pure sequence is their topmost priority. Despite having a reasonably good hand if you fail to meld the pure sequence it leads to a missed opportunity very similar to tripping at the finish line even though you were ahead in the race. Since melding a pure sequence is one of the mandatory Indian rummy rules of the game you need to act quickly to meld one.

  1. Use jokers optimally

Jokers can change the face of your game both with the presence and their absence. If you do not have any jokers in your rummy hand, it may prove to be a little tougher to win. However, seasoned rummy players are deft in melding hands even without the jokers. Alternatively, if you have jokers make the best use of them in your melds provided you have the pure sequence ready. Melding the second sequence and the remaining cards using jokers would prove utter wasteful exercise if you fail to do the primary pure sequence.

  1. Explore options with middle cards

Make the most of the middle cards as they are very adaptable. You can explore several options of sequences with them,unlike the high-value cards. For example, card 5 regardless of the suit would work in combination with cards 3, 4 or 4, 6 or 6, 7 etc. In this way, you’ll not have to wait for a particular card as you can start exploring various combinations using middle cards.

  1. Make use of offers and promotions

Make hay when the sun shines. One of the best features of free online rummy games in India is the fabulous offers and promotions that run throughout the year. It could be bonus offers on registering, cash back offers for any of the free rummy cash games or attractive promotions for cash games – there are plenty and more for you to make use of and earn real cash.

Practice, play and perform

The underlying fact of rummy which remains undeniable at all times is that it is your skills which are primary to your winning. So, practice, play and strive to perform in each game.

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