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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Zero Trust Network Access

With the rising cases of online attacks and cybercriminal activities, businesses and organizations are increasingly adopting the Zero Trust Network Access model to ensure utmost and reliable security.

Zero Trust Network Access

The Zero Trust model assumes everyone in the network- internal and external users to be untrusted entities unless they are verified based on the identity metrics before the access is granted.

Thus, this access model helps businesses mitigate data breaches risks, creating a more secure network environment by removing excessive trust like in traditional security solutions.

This article will talk about the benefits and reasons why adopting a Zero Trust Network Access solution can benefit your business.

Reasons why you should move to a Zero Trust Network Access

Here are the top driving factors behind increasing adoption rates of Zero Trust Network solutions for security by businesses.

1. Defensible and protective perimeter protection

Today, hackers and attackers use the latest technologies and tools like firewall exceptions and dial-up connections to get into your network and bypass the perimeter protection. So, no matter how strong firewalls you use, it can get challenging to protect your data against online attacks.

Enforcing an efficient Zero Trust Access will ensure only authorized and authenticated users can access the network’s applications and services- preventing data breaches and detrimental consequences.

2. Greater visibility

The Zero Trust Network architecture trusts no one, so every user and device must go through a mandatory authentication process to access certain restricted resources and applications.

When you configure and monitor your security strategy, you can gain complete control and visibility over your organization’s network- with who is accessing your network and how.

This visibility helps track every user activity and flag malicious and suspicious user activities.

3. Revalidation access requirement

The Zero Trust approach to network security allows you to revalidate access decisions whenever a user requests access.

This significantly reduces and eliminates the threats of internal employees being granted more access than required or employees who need to change their access due to changed job responsibilities.

4. Equal scrutiny for internal and external threats

The Zero Trust approach does not differentiate between the internal employees or external users, expecting them to go through the stringent authentication and validation process.

This approach eliminates the risks of unprivileged access to a restricted resource by internal employees to hit greater targets while ensuring protection against external threats.

5. Greater resilience to the ongoing attacks

The last and one of the most important benefits of Zero Trust Network is enhanced resilience to the ongoing cyber attacks.

The Zero Trust architecture denies access by default; it will still prevent attackers who manage to get into the enterprise network from accessing the restricted resources.


Thus, the Zero Trust Network architecture secures cloud and internet-based enterprise networks, applications, consumer information, and business data through its security models and layers against malware and cybersecurity threats.

Instasafe solutions guarantee network security and ensure Zero Trust Network Access to cloud-based and on-premise corporate applications and resources. Hope these five crucial reasons make you opt for a reliable Zero Trust Network Access model and service for your business network protection.

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