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5 Key Steps To A Mobile Workforce

Thanks to technology, it’s possible to hire the best and the brightest – no matter where they live.Whatever your specialty, the right combination of human collaboration and technical connectivity will assure greater success.

5 Key Steps To A Mobile Workforce

Choose Effective Enterprise Software

Even in traditional work settings where employees share physical space, data integration and availability are among the biggest challenges companies face. All too often, critical information is spread across a number of different, often-outdated platforms and systems, making access cumbersome and leading to wasted productivity.

A solid enterprise portal solves the problem by using micro apps to pave the way for smooth, harmonious workflow, far greater efficiency, and exceptional productivity. Micro apps treat users to a consumer-like experience, and are based on task-specific data, along with the actions your mobile workforce needs to do to accomplish assigned responsibilities. Effective enterprise software is easily integrated with existing systems including Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and many others. With a cost-effective modern portal, data is readily accessible, workflow is streamlined, and relevant information is easy for employees to access from any device, anywhere.

Hire Human Assets Carefully

The right people can be your greatest assets, so create your mobile workforce with care and yours will be among the fortunate companies to boast that their employees are a form of capital. It’s true that creating solid job descriptions with well-outlined responsibilities and expectations takes time, and the business of recruiting exceptional employees is demanding. Interviews can be time consuming too, and the busier you are, the greater the temptation to cut corners will be.

Follow in the footsteps of top companies and treat the time you spend searching for human assets as an investment, and leave no stone unturned. As now-retired Cisco CEO Joh Chambers said, “There are two equalizers in life: The Internet and education.” Cisco is one of several companies famous for using the internet to hire the best and brightest people from all over the world, providing opportunities for workers who are at a social disadvantage in their native countries.

Look for people who are self-starters. These individuals need some guidance at the outset, but once they’ve learned the ropes, they take initiative, happily leap into the fray, and engage with their work. They require little if any supervision, accept responsibility for mistakes, and provide creative solutions when the need for problem-solving arises. No one has to provide these people with step-by-step instructions for every task; at the same, these individualsare not too proud to ask for guidance when they need it.Other desirable personality traits for remote employees include proactivity, connectedness, and a focus on results rather than time.

Manage Well, but Don’t Overdo It

Managers who are accustomed to working in traditional brick and mortar settings are well-versed in the daily ins and outs of supervision. Did everyone come to work on time? Have they been taking too long at lunch? Are they sneaking too many peeks at Instagram between sales calls? Is everyone adhering to the company’s dress code?

Great news: None of these things are huge priorities when you’re managing employees remotely. Today’s mobile workforce is mainly comprised of driven individuals who require no direct supervision – and this makes management easier.The goal isn’t old-fashioned micromanaging; instead, there is a strong focus on interpersonal connections, trust, and teamwork. Goals are achieved via creative collaboration, and clear communication enhances trust. Positive examples, mutual respect, and solid motivation lead to enhanced productivity. As you assemble your mobile workforce, make a point of hiring managers who have the ability to make their expectations clear and handle concerns quickly – and ensure that they’re able to accomplish these essentials with a cordial, professional tone.

Pay Better Than the Competition

Let’s face it: Money is a major motivator. No matter how much your remote employees enjoy working with your company, they’re likely to leave if they are not well-compensated. Pay and benefits play a role in recruitment too, influencing your ability to attract well-qualified, mature employees. Your company’s likelihood of retaining exceptional human assets is directly linked to monetary incentives, particularly when raises and bonuses are awarded. Good morale leads to happy, productive employees who are eager to do their best work


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