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5 Fun Indoor Games Perfect for Kids and Family

The outdoor environment could seem more fun for playing games compared to your indoor environment but this is not necessarily the case. Children love to play all the time and when the weather is unfavorable, they are confined in the house. With indoor games, they can still have fun in the house. It is important that children remain active in order to ensure their ideal growth. These games are not only fun activities but also bonding activities that establish a wonderful relationship between children and other members of the family.

Fun Indoor Games Perfect for Kids

Here are 5 fun indoor games perfect for kids and family:

Hide and Seek

This is a game that has lasted for generations yet is still essential for every home. One person covers their eyes and counts down while the others find places to hide in. Once the countdown is over, they start looking for the others and when you are spotted from your hiding spot, it is game over for you. The last person to be spotted does the counting for the next round. Children as they grow and develop their sense of creativity, may develop the game further to play in the dark which may be unsafe but you can ensure your floors are cleared in order to avoid them from falling. This is a fun way for kids to explore their creativity.

Treasure Hunt

Children like gifts and this game promises just that. You need to have a gift in mind, be it a toy, candy or coins for their piggy bank which will serve as an incentive for them to play the game. You start by leaving a simple clue in places they are most likely to get it like in their back pack and the game proceeds when they follow multiple clues set by you until they reach the treasure. You can be creative and give them an exciting adventure.


You can get a building set or get creative by using indoor forts out of boxes or blocks. The game tests the building skills of the children and it can be competitive whereby the person who builds the tallest tower becomes the winner and gets bragging rights. They can build card towers, or popsicle stick cities. They could also use LEGO Ways to build sets for challenges. This will give the children and other family members a room for creativity and a fun way of competing among themselves.


This is a fun way of training your children’s minds to work fast when it comes to solving problems. You can purchase puzzle sets from the store and draw something they love on it. You can then cut it out creatively with scissors creating elaborate pieces that you shuffle together. The kids have to arrange the pieces by putting them back in their original positions in order to recreate the picture you drew. They will have fun doing this.

Magical Papa or Mama

Kids love magical shows and when either of their parents puts on a show for them in the house, it gets more interesting and exciting. You can use simple tricks like a stack of cups and a coin whereby you place the cups upside down and cover the coin with one of them and your children could try figuring out where the coin is. You could also get creative by sliding the coin past the edge of the table gently and leave them wondering whether the coin disappeared.

The indoor environment does not have to be boring. These games will lighten up the mood of children and other family members and give all of them a bonding moment. Games are great for the growth and development of children and you should create a game plan for your indoor environment when it is not possible for them to play outside.

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