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5 Essential Tips for Building the Best Business Website in 2018

Building the best business website in 2018 means providing the ultimate User Experience (UX). People must enjoy spending time on your website and their interactions with it must be easy and intuitive. The main web design principles and trends for 2018aim to provide those two results.

Best Business Website in 2018

5 Tips to Help You Build the Best Business Website in 2018

1.      Use Enhanced Reality Tech

360-degree Videos, as well as VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, are getting more popular every day. According to The Conversation,this tech is currently going through the peak in its ‘hype cycle’. This means that it’s set to get a sudden nosedive sometime soon.

However, predictions for 2018 remain firm in their belief that including various elements of augmented or virtual reality into your business website is the right way to go. It’s definitely an effective way to make your page stand out. Check out the Peugeot VR test drive to see how it can be done.

2.      Introduce an AI Chatbot

The best business website must meet all customer’s needs perfectly to provide the ultimate experience. This means answering questions fast, and chatbots are made specifically for that purpose. The rate of AI (Artificial Intelligence) services usage is increasing fast. The most common type of chatbot helps the user resolve common issues and virtually makes surfing through a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page redundant.

Depending on the type of your business, you can offer some more efficient chatbots. For example, e-commerce websites will benefit from a bot that helps visitors narrow down their choices.

3.      Switch to a Dedicated Hosting

According to Web Hosting Media, shared hosting is the most popular kind among small-to-medium businesses. This type of service is the cheapest and depending on the quality of your provider can be quite efficient. However, shared servers never offer the highest possible loading speed. This means you are losing visitors rapidly as 57% of people leave if the page loads for 3+ seconds.

Today it’s not enough to have the best web hosting provider. You must have your own dedicated server that will guarantee top loading speeds. It also needs to be able to adjust to your business’ changing needs immediately. This type of hosting also increases the security of your website. As online safety is an ever-growing concern, your visitors are sure to appreciate this.

4.      Use Professional Top-Quality Images

Bear in mind that according to a Nielsen Norman Group study, website visitors mostly ignore ‘pointless decorative pictures. However, they pay great attention to product and people pictures and study those in detail. Some organizations use the power of images as the driving force of their website. In My World, which raises awareness of the devastating effects that war and poverty have on mental health issues.

Featuring pictures of your products with the functionality that allows studying them up close and from every angle is a must for the best business website of 2018. If you are working with people, you can use photos of your clients or the people your business aims to help. However, remember that those images must be professional and feature real people to be effective.

5.      Insert Some Animations

Simple animations are getting more popular these days. They can ‘liven up’ the pages and look great with any website theme. You can try using an animated logo and a loading animation has been a must-have for the best business website since 2017. Animating menus and navigation is a great way to benefit from this blooming web design trend.

Building the Best Business Website in 2018: Final Thoughts

There are many tricks you can use to enhance UX and therefore boost your traffic and ROI. However, never forget that your main task is to create a website your customers will love. Therefore, you must research your targeted audience and implement the techniques that appeal to them.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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