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 5 Essential Apps That You Need When You Visit London

If London’s museums, leafy parks, palaces, and pubs have filled your thoughts and you want to visit the city any time of the year, you will need a few apps to help you navigate the city and make the most out of it.

Whether you want to go shopping for the most unique items, climb to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral, sample some of the city’s favourite breakfast while taking a stroll through Shoreditch or walking across the world’s most famous zebra crossing on Abbey Road, the city is filled with so many attractions, you will need more than a lifetime to experience them all.

Here are 5 essential apps that you need to make your trip easier and get the most out of London when you visit.


You probably will get around the city of London using Google maps. But Citymapper is an app that has a comprehensive guide of London’s transport network. The app has a search feature where you can input an address and you will get an estimated time for cycling, walking, public transport or taxi, overground bus and rail, and London’s Tube. Citymapper will provide you with all the multiple routes as well as a ‘rain safe’ option. The app also provides real-time updates on travel disruptions and suggests alternative routes based on them.

Visit London

This is probably the most important app that you need to have on your smartphone when visiting London. If you are looking for the best places to visit with reviews, this is the app to have. The app has a wide category of places and events and it can point you to the most unique places in the capital like crazy golfing, movie watching, sightseeing, shopping etc… You will find several articles about travel experiences from other visitors which can serve as a guide on your trip to the city.

National Trust

Are you taking a day trip to the city of London, looking for the perfect garden to relax with a date? This app will guide you to the perfect spots in the city. The National Trust curates places with natural beauty or historic interest in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. The app currently features more than 400 locations and properties, as well as a calendar of current events, which can be searched by location. The National Trust is the easiest way to find hidden gems that you may not find in a regular guide book.


YPlan offers one of the easiest ways to get an overview of events and activities happening in London. Whether you are looking for an exclusive club or a comedy club, a late-night museum opening or a musical, YPlan will give you detailed information about what’s available to see or do. The app will allow you to filter by event type or price, or you can use the map function.

Uber or any other taxi app

That’s right! You need a taxi app, preferably Uber. But you can use any taxi app that you prefer. Uber currently has more than 15,000 drivers in London. The cab industry has been hugely disrupted by taxi services like Uber, which have provided an easier and usually cheaper alternative to the traditional black cabs.


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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