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5 Common Causes of Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The rental market is booming as it helps landowners earn steady cash flow. While this has monetary benefits for landowners and property developers, it also has a few downsides.

5 Common Causes of Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Renting out your properties can cause disagreements between the owner and the tenant. These disagreements will lead to disputes. Rental conflicts are typically minor but can get serious sometimes. And in such cases, you will need an attorney to resolve the disputes.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common causes of disputes between a landlord and a tenant. Also, if you want to get a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai, click on the following link

  1. Non-Payment Of Rent

Probably one of the most common problems is the tenant not paying rent on time. Even if the tenant demands some time for paying the rent, ensure there are rules in place for that.

You must charge them with late fees or other penalties. Typically, deceptive tenants assess whether the owner goes easy on the delayed payment and then skips the rent altogether. In case of non-payment, you’re left with no choice but to evict the tenant. Which can be a lengthy and costly process.

  1. Refusal To Return Security Deposit

This is in case the security deposit was agreed upon as refundable. Usually, the landowners refuse to pay the security deposit even if the tenant didn’t violate any rules and kept the property in good condition.

Worse is when they deny its refundability. In such a situation, the tenant can issue a legal notice to the landowner before vacating the property.

As a landowner, you must return the full security deposit to the tenant after his/her has tenancy expired. The landowner can withhold the deposit only under certain agreed-upon situations like if the tenant has unpaid dues or property is damaged severely.

  1. Not Maintaining The Property

Usually, people point fingers at the tenants in case of landlord-tenant disputes, but that’s not true. There are several stories where tenants had to move out because of negligent, nosy, and even malicious landlords. The biggest issue tenants have with landlords is their refusal to maintain the property or carry out necessary repairs.

The tenant must keep the property in good shape, but the landlord is also liable to provide the tenant with a comfortable living space. Moreover, if the tenant is being charged with maintenance costs, then it becomes mandatory for the tenant to demand repairs. The landlord must regularly inspect the property and check for any water leaks, paint job, lighting situations, water pressure, etc.

  1. Holdover Or Eviction

Holdover is when the tenancy expires but the tenant doesn’t vacate the property while paying rent without a lease. In such cases, the landlord may accept the rent payments for an agreed time period.

But the tenants won’t have the same rights as they did before as there is no lease agreement binding them. On the other hand, the landlord can view the tenant as a trespasser or squatter and have them evicted. Eviction can also be called for when tenants don’t pay rent, violate the rental agreement, or indulge in illegal or unacceptable behavior.

  1. Violation Of Rental Agreement

A landlord can issue legal notices to the tenant if he/she refuses to pay rent, violates a rental clause, or violates the law, etc. Whereas the tenant can issue legal notices to the landlord when he/she doesn’t maintain the property, won’t return the security deposit, violates the rental clause, or behaves in an unlawful manner, etc. In such situations, the lease can be terminated early or matters can be taken to the court.

Typically, rental disputes begin as something trivial, like noise violations or having pets over. But if neglected, it will spiral out and cause the landlord more damage than good. Thus, address these minor issues right away to avoid taking the matter to court.

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