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5 Best Apps That Make Money On Android In 2020

We obviously have downloaded a paid from play store or make a purchase through an app but have you ever get an app that makes money? I guess not. But it’s true that there are some apps present which will give you a chance to make money without doing much! And today in this article we are gonna talk about such apps.

5 Best Apps That Make Money On Android In 2020

Although if you search for apps that make money you will find a number of apps but not all of them are good and that is why we have gone through such apps and found you the best 5 apps that make money on Android! And how can we ignore sbobet when we are talking about make money.

1. Cointyply

Cointyply is an app that claims to provide you an opportunity to earn Bitcoin! Yes, this is true, the app was said to be a great platform where you can do simple tasks and get Satoshi (fraction of bitcoin) and when you have earned enough bitcoin you can easily convert them into real cash by CoinBase website!

The tasks are simple where you will be asked to take surveys which will only take 10 minutes of your day! Apart from taking surveys you can install apps, view ads and play games to earn money from this app. Overall this app definitely deserves a try!

2. Swagbucks 

When we talk about making money through Android apps no app is better than Swagbucks! It is one of the popular app that you can find on Android. There are a number of activities present which you can perform and all of them take just a few minutes from you but you get paid for them.

These activities include watching videos, surveys, playing games, answering questions, and more. The daily poll is also a popular way to make money in Swagbucks! Here you will earn SB points which you can later redeem as gift cards for PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks! It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s surely reliable!

3. Google’s Opinion Rewards 

Google never fails to impress us and it stands true for money-making app on Android as well. You may or may not fully accept other app that claims to give you money as a reward but you can surely trust an app provided by World’s leading software company right?

Although this app won’t directly give you real cash instead it provides you with points that can be redeemed for Google play services such as downloading an Android app, music, books, etc from play store. They will only give you 20 to 30 surveys per week where you will have to give your honest opinion so that companies can improve their products and services! Overall it’s a great app that you can trust!

4. eBay 

Sure you have heard about eBay! Although this app won’t give its users money for taking surveys but you can still make pretty great money by selling your old goods which you no longer use! It’s easy to use, just take a picture of stuff that you wanna sell and set a price for that. There are great chances that you will find a buyer who will agree to buy on your terms! Although eBay may charge some commission but it’s still a pretty great to make money on Android!

5. Surveys on the go

Surveys On The Go is also a popular app to make money on android. This app is popular for giving cash instead of points in exchange for taking surveys! Just take a survey and earn some extra bucks!

So these are the most popular and reliable apps to make money on android smartphone.

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