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5 Benefits of Installing a Samsung CCTV Cochin

Technology has always been the main matter for the debate raging on whether it’s the wondrous savior that has saved us or is it the enemy in disguise that has complicated our lives. But whatever motion we support, we cannot deny that there have been certain advancements that have made our lives easier. The same is the case with the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras. If you are thinking of installing one of these and cannot decide if this will work for you – then you are at the right place. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the benefits and drawbacks of using a Samsung CCTV Systems at your premises.

Installing a Samsung CCTV

Benefits of Installing a Samsung CCTV Cochin:

  1. Discourage Law-breaking Activities:

This is, undoubtedly, the greatest and the foremost important benefit of setting up a security camera in your establishment. As soon as you install these small, portable cameras you will be able to feel the calming sense of security and safety. Not to mention the effect these will have on the people around your property!

By installing CCTV cameras in your workplace or even your homes is equally effective. There are many potential crimes that you can prevent from happening. Watching a CCTV camera mounted in your home’s or shop’s side alley is sure enough to instill the thought of being caught committing a crime. Before anything further is done just this thought is enough to scare off the troublemakers as they know that their identities and unlawful activities have been recorded on a tape.

If you are facing issues regarding regularity or efficiency of your workers then these securities cameras are the best solution to your problems.

  1. Observe Situations and Actions:

It can be really simple to work with CCTV camera systems as these can be positioned at any place that has any kind of a power source nearby. Theses Samsung CCTV security cameras are available in various forms and sizes; there are some that are little enough to be concealed in your garden plants, wall- mounted portraits or picture frames, and alike. Depending on your needs you can buy either hidden cameras or mountable ones.

There is also an option of installing the dummy cameras. But be aware that these dummy cameras can give away easily plus they will not be able to give you any protection whatsoever.

Instead of installing true CCTV cameras can be significantly helpful since they empower you to observe the happenings of your workplace and also the people who visit your home along with their activities. This is the most efficient way to notice any suspicious activity and keep a watchful eye on it.

  1. Collection of proof:

Another plus of installing Samsung CCTV cameras in planned spaces is that you have a solid proof recorded at your hands when you need to review any incidence. Current security CCTV systems offer not only a superior quality video recording ability but are also able to record audio as well. The sharp image quality paired with top quality sound can enable you to document significant proof in case of any theft or any other wrongdoings.

This can mainly be useful when facing a legal situation, where you might have forgotten about a particular vital detail about the case or might need solid proof to support your statement regarding the events. With a CCTV security camera footage at hand, the authorities would be able to see the proceedings the same as they happened at the time of the crime or any event.

  1. Take the Rightful Decision:

Recordings from your CCTV security cameras enable you to take right and impartial decisions while resolving disagreements amidst workers and/or house helpers. It could be resolving a dispute within your household, between your workers, or even and your customer service representative and your customer. Finding footage to the event can empower you to take impartial and honest decisions.

Fictitious claims made by shady customers looking for a heavy settlement can always be avoided when you secure your workplaces with closed circuit cameras.

  1. Retain Archives:

Since your CCTV cameras record and retain every single piece of footage, you could always go back and take a second look at the events of a particular incident that occurred a couple of days ago. These cameras record these footages in a systematic order, i.e. all the footage is available for you to browse through in accordance with the date and the time of the incident.

Be it a simple brawl among workers or theft, your CCTV archives can always provide you with the right answers by showing you the scenario that actually happened.

Shortcomings of Installing Samsung CCTV Cochin:

  1. Invasion of Privacy:

So this happens to be the major drawback of having a CCTV security camera system installed in your establishment. The professional environment has been the one that has seen the most controversies regarding the usage of CCTV. Many legal suits have been filed against employers by their employees stating their concerns regarding the invasion of their privacy by being under surveillance at all times.

Many times it has been stated that when an employer installs a camera system inside his office or workspace he gives this negative idea to his employees that he does not trust them with the work and hence has to keep an eye on their workings. Many employees have complained of this constant surveillance to be affecting their productivity as well.

  1. Affordability:

The dummy cameras might be the inexpensive option out there, but the actual ones can cost you quite a lot of money. The costs vary depending on the number of cameras you choose to install as part of the surveillance systems. The more sensitive the system, the more costly it will be. Furthermore installing them is a big task that is best left for the professionals to handle which means added installation costs. Therefore there needs to be a complete evaluation of your needs and requirements before you go about installing these savvy cameras.

  1. Vulnerability:

The catch to technology is that it is for everyone! If you think you are smart enough to upgrade yourself to a smarter, more advanced CCTV system then be aware that the ones with not such good intentions have access to it as well. A smart thief might just have studied it more thoroughly than you and already found out glitches in to go about undetected.

In the worst case scenario, hackers can manipulate your CCTV security camera system via the Internet route and make use of your cameras to infiltrate your personal space by spying on you.

  1. Cannot Actually Stop Criminal Acts:

Samsung CCTV Cochincameras allows its users to record the event for the purpose of viewing it later when needed and to identify criminals so that they can be brought to justice. But these cameras are not able to stop the criminals from committing a crime at the moment. These do not sound an alarm or alert the authorities like the house alarm systems do. This means that you would have to claim your stolen inventories from the insurance agencies and follow lengthy court proceedings to get your rightful claims that could make you lose your faith in these completely.


There you have it – the benefits and drawbacks of installing Samsung IP Camera in your establishment. Hope this compilation helps you in acquainting you to this technology and clearing any potential doubts regarding their installation.

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