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5 Apps Transforming Smartphone Use in the 21st Century

In the modern day, technology is evolving like never before. It’s hard to believe that the iPhone and other modern smartphones have only been around for just over a decade, but these technologies have ushered in a new area of software: smartphone applications.

5 Apps Transforming Smartphone

While rudimentary applications have been around for years, there are a number of smartphone apps that are transforming how people live. From simple task management to essentially being a second brain, these apps are indicators of how the digital age has changed society. Let’s dive into some of these popular apps to see what makes them so transformative:

1. Task Management Apps

One category of applications that has turned smartphones from a device used for phone calls to a device used to control our lives is task management. These helpful applications can be anything from tracking to-do items for the day to even grocery list items. The days of writing which fruits to pick up from the store are long over.

Many of these applications can be integrated with computers, which has turned smartphones into a tool used for the workforce as well. From anywhere in the world, a person can log onto their to-do list app and see what they need to accomplish for the day, week, or year – all in one place.

2. Telehealth Applications

Perhaps one of the most beneficial types of applications smartphone users have access to today are telehealth related apps. These focus on physical and mental health, as well as connecting individual’s to professionals who can assist them. Virtual therapy applications have ushered in a horizontal transition from visiting sites like Mind Diagnostics into logging onto their application instead.

This ease of access to medical professionals has allowed smartphone users to take better hold of their physical and mental health, as well as receive support and assistance when needed.

3. Social Interactions

As a whole, society has moved into the digital age in most aspects of life. Social interactions are now partially through social media applications such as Instagram or Twitter. Snapshots of a person’s life are posted on the Internet for all to see, and it’s never been easier to make a connection by following a new person to keep up to date on their life.

These social media applications have sometimes been touted as the end of physical interactions between people. Regardless, social media is a tool of the modern age that has changed how smartphones are used and how people interact with one another.

4. Mobile Payments

One of the biggest ways society has changed is in regard to how payments are made. Online payments have been around for a long time but new features such as Apple Pay have made smartphone payments something new. Simply tapping your device against a paying station is all one needs to do in order to have the money deducted.

Not only has this changed the future for debit and credit card companies, but it has turned smartphones from a device used for cell phone calls to a device used for payments as well. This only serves as one more close step towards smartphones encompassing all aspects of society.

5. Organizational Applications

One other major category that is defining how smartphones change are organizational based applications. Websites such as Notion, Asana, and more are task management and organizational platforms, some of which feature smartphone applications. These apps allow users to store countless information about their life and keep it all in one place.

For perspective on the matter, Notion can be used as a database, note-taking platform, task management platform, calendar tool, and more all in one. Paper tools and planners are becoming a thing of the past as these apps slowly start to transform the way we use our smartphones and how they interact with our lives.

As a whole, smartphone use is likely to only increase as the years go by. When this occurs, the applications we use every day will likely go up as well. With these apps controlling our tasks and more, it only seems likely that smartphone use will transform as well.

Predicting the future of smartphones and smartphone applications is nearly impossible. Software developers dream up new tools that smartphone users can use to transform their life

on a daily basis, and it’s this innovation that will guide the future. Only one thing is for sure: as smartphones develop technologically, applications will develop right alongside them.

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