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5 Acoustic Gadgets That Will Boost Your Audio Experience

5 Acoustic Gadgets That Will Boost Your Audio ExperienceImage credit: Pixabay

Ever wondered if you may not be getting the best possible audio experience from your home theater system? If you have an old set of speakers, do you think you can improve the way you enjoy them? With technological advancements enabling the creation of new audio technologies, it is possible to enhance your listening experience with your home theater system or make your old speakers more enjoyable.

The following are some of the acoustic gadgets you can try to make your audio entertainment system better.

MultiRoom Speakers

Multiroom speakers, as the phrase implies, are basically speakers that can be used in more than one room. Usually connected wirelessly, they are designed to ensure that audio uniformly reaches all corners and spaces of a building or house. They address the volume and sound quality degradation of traditional speaker systems as perceived from rooms or locations that are far from the speakers. If you want to enjoy music with consistent quality and volume regardless of where you are in your home or building/office, getting multiroom speakers would be a good idea.

IoT Converter

You can make your dated speakers into a Wi-Fi enabled system using an Internet of Things (IoT) device like Trippy. With this, you can get your speakers into your home network and be accessible to home automation devices such as the Amazon Echo Spot. While this does not improve the audio output of your speakers, it makes it easy to access your relatively old speakers with your modern gadgets. This is especially advisable if you have great sounding old speakers whose only drawback is its limitation to RCA, AUX cable, or 3.5 mm audio jack connectivity.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you love music and you want to enjoy music from a decent speaker, you can use your phone as your music player and pair it with a bluetooth speaker. If you want good audio quality, though, make sure you don’t settle for what’s cheap or readily available. Find the best bluetooth speakers that deliver high quality audio output. Quality speakers are not necessarily expensive. You can find many great bluetooth speaker options online. Some are even splash-proof or waterproof. They come in various designs to suit varying preferences.

What’s great with many bluetooth speakers is that they come with ports (usually a 3 .5mm audio port) for channeling audio output to a bigger external speaker. Through these audio ports, you can convert an old but high quality speaker into a bluetooth speaker. This means you can turn your old speaker into a wireless speaker and enjoy better audio as played on your computer, smartphone, or tablet computer.

Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Noise-cancelling earphones are not a new invention. They have been in existence for quite some time. In fact, the technology is now integrated in some smartphones. If you want to enjoy music or even a movie on your smartphone or tablet  while you are in the midst of a noisy environment, noise-cancelling earphones are guaranteed to make your listening experience considerably better.

These earphones work through active noise cancellation, wherein a microphone and noise-canceling circuitry are employed to produce sounds (alongside the audio from the music or video you are playing) that cancel out ambient noises. They don’t “mute” noises but produce “anti-noise” frequencies to prevent your ears from perceiving the sounds of the noises.

Augmented Reality Earbuds/Earphones

This gadget is not just for music lovers. It’s a hi-tech device many would likely appreciate although it’s not really something that can be considered a necessity. Augmented reality earbuds are basically the sound-centric counterpart of the Google Glass or augmented reality eyeglasses. They come with noise-cancelling technology, bluetooth connectivity, and of course the ability to play music. They can also be useful gadgets for those who suffer from tinnitus as they allow users to create audio profiles to suit their hearing.

Fancy getting one of these acoustic gadgets? There are many options to choose from. You can find different brands and models of multiroom speakers, bluetooth speakers, IoT converters, noise-cancelling earphones, and augmented reality earbuds. Just do you research to find one with the best price and the features you are looking for.

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