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4 Ways To Jump-Start Adjustment For New Hires

Starting a new job can be hectic and overwhelming. When you’ve worked for a company for some time, it’s easy to forget how stressful the experience can be. There is plenty to consider when preparing new employees for what they need to know. Put yourself in a new employee’s shoes to anticipate what they will encounter once they come on board.

On top of all the new faces, there is a lot of information coming at a new hire. Streamline the process as much as possible to make your new hire’s onboarding experience fun and interesting. Consider implementing tools like handbooks and company intranet to make the undertaking easier for all of you.

  1. Employee Orientation

When it’s time to organize orientation, think from the new hire’s perspective. While this is an allotted time to learn about the company and job details, it doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Simple orientations can get new hires excited about their job and eager to get to work.

Use intranet software that the new hire can access and send a link in his or her welcome email so they can read about the company and culture in advance. This can give new hires the chance to feel at home and maybe recognize a face or two.

  1. Handbooks or Manuals

Reference material is always welcome since it gives new hires information at their fingertips, especially in technical or otherwise complex roles. Include a corporate family tree so the new hire gets to know who is who. Print hard copies or store them on the company’s intranet. Storing digital copies makes it easier to update manuals and training procedures, saving both time and money.

  1. Assign a Mentor

4 Ways To Jump-Start Adjustment For New Hires

There’s nothing like a guiding hand and a chance to make a new friend along the way. Give your new hire an ally by assigning a mentor. Determine the length of mentorship by the complexity of the job or the level of knowledge the mentor might bestow.

One of the latest best practices is using intranet software for intranet communication. The mentor and new hire can communicate directly and talk about company policy or better understand the procedures. New hires can access the intranet to join groups focused on projects to expand his or her network.

  1. Host a Small Reception

Throw a welcome party. This is an informal way for employees and management to get to know the new hire and vice versa. Add an icebreaker game with facts about the new hire to get people talking.

Utilize corporate intranet to introduce the new employee. Include job experience and a personal interest or two. Challenge employees to come up with one or two questions to get to know the new hire better.

Employees who feel at home are bound to work better in the long run. Keep orientations short and interesting so your new hire can understand policies and techniques that much faster. Use tools like intranet software to streamline your own procedures and keep new hires in the mix from day one.

John Paul
John Paul
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