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4 Ways Technology Can Boost Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction in any organization is essential. When employees are unsatisfied, they’re more likely to find other employers. Employee attrition will only cause financial losses in your business because you’ll end up hiring and training new people, which could be time-consuming and costly.

Technology Can Boost Employee Satisfaction

On the other hand, employee retention can save you money on hiring and training costs, allowing your business to prosper. Therefore, you won’t have to stop business operations while you train a replacement for a resigning employee. It’s vital to remember that you should not overlook the importance of maintaining high levels of employee enthusiasm, productivity, and interest. Here are some technological means through which you can accomplish all of these goals:

1. Use Onboarding Software

One of the easiest ways to keep employees happy and satisfied is to start on the right foot. Make them feel a part of your company by using onboarding software when hiring, interviewing, and welcoming new employees. Moreover, it helps your HR employees to share their tasks with other teams like Finance and IT since they’re also involved in the onboarding process.

For instance, a new employee may have to accomplish tax forms and submit pertinent banking information. The new hire can use the onboarding software to fill up such information so that the involved teams can easily access it.

In addition, instead of repeatedly training new hires, your Human Resources (HR) department can automate this task using the software. In order to familiarize themselves with the company and what their role entails, new hires can watch the videos provided.

2. Let Them Use The Right Resources

Your employees can perform at a high level if they can make their work faster and more efficient. They may enjoy finishing their tasks using collaboration tools and other technological resources because they have the tools at their disposal.

For instance, your HR staff may not have difficulty sorting hundreds of resumes if you allow them to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) or resume screening software. Since sorting and picking the right talent through scanning resumes can be time-consuming, your staff would appreciate it if a tool would assist in this tedious task. Adopting this software allows your HR employees to focus on more important matters, such as interviewing and screening suitable candidates.

Technology Can Boost Employee Satisfaction

Another case is when a team uses collaborative tools to complete a project. Instead of approaching each member for an update, they can eliminate micromanagement because collaboration tools make each person’s work visible to everyone else. Keep in mind that most employees dislike being micromanaged. Therefore, having the means to update the team will make them feel more accountable and unconstrained.

3. Promote Self-services

You may also want to promote self-service in your workplace to save time for your employees. However, ensure that the applications you employ will be easy to use since if they require the assistance of a colleague, manual, or significant effort, they will be less inclined to use the apps. If workers rarely utilize the applications, investing in them may be a waste of money.

Employees can use these apps or self-services to access their data, alter their information, search for another colleague on the org chart, or view their pay slips. Thanks to these self-service features, they no longer need to ask HR employees to perform such activities. They can do it at anytime and anywhere because they have the credentials to access such files. In doing this, employees are more likely to be satisfied when they no longer need to rely on other employees to complete tasks.

4. Foster Effective Communication Tools

Since some employees work in the office while others work remotely, having communication tools in your organization is essential. You can use it to interact with your staff quickly or transmit information more efficiently, boosting your business communications to the next level. Employees may no longer be required to attend workplace meetings because such communication tools allow them to participate virtually. Employees will be happier and more satisfied using such tools, especially if they cannot work in an office setting. This would be more favorable than looking for organizations that offer ‘telecommuting’ or work-from-home arrangements.

They’ll be even happier if your communication tools enable them to collaborate with other team members. You can make announcements there for anyone to see and respond to swiftly. When everyone can communicate without emailing one supervisor to the next, they will be more engaged and contented with your organization’s operations.


Technology makes it possible to hire talents from across the globe. Hiring people from outside your own state or immediate area is more convenient and cost-effective than ever. To reap these benefits, it would be best to use technological advancements to satisfy your employees. This way, you can retain them on board, lowering personnel turnover and hiring costs.

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