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4 Reasons To Choose Power Shift As Your EV Charger Installation Service

There is great demand for electric vehicles nowadays. Given that they are the friendlier solution for the environment, more and more consumers opt for an electric vehicle rather than a fuel-powered one. Seeing this demand and the necessity for producing more environmentally friendly cars, many automotive manufacturers are prioritizing the manufacturing of electric cars. As many people wish to buy such a vehicle, the question of how to maintain and charge it arises. However, there may be a way to make this process easier and more accessible: Power Shift – EV Charger Installations for residential and commercial purposes.

Power Shift As Your EV Charger Installation Service

It is of the utmost importance to learn the different ways in which you can charge your electric vehicle. Households, apartment buildings, and institutions are all looking to provide charging stations so that car owners can easily recharge the vehicle’s battery. So, if you are a first-time user of an electric vehicle, it is crucial to know everything about charging stations.

1. Three levels of charging and the type you need

When you purchase an electric vehicle, it is crucial to know that there are three different levels of charging them, based on speed. Taking this into consideration and depending on the type of EV you have, you will be better equipped to understand what level of charging solution you need. The level one charging solution offers the lowest speed, making it ideal for electric vehicle owners when traveling as you can easily transport it in the trunk of the car. Being the lowest speed at charging, it gives the vehicle the ability to work for 12 kilometers when you charge it for an hour. Power Shift specializes in installing the following two levels of charging:

  • Level Two: At this level, the charging station is ideal for residential and commercial locations, and it can charge the vehicle entirely in less than three hours. Expert electricians can install single-phase stations that are suitable for residential purposes. If the charging station is needed for a commercial space, it is recommended to opt for an alternative with multiple uses. This way, more than one car can use it, and so it allows for numerous simultaneous charging, given that it provides higher power.
  • Level Three: The highest speed is at this level. Therefore, level three is vital for when you need to drive the car for long distances. Because this charging station uses a great deal of power, they are the most suitable to be installed at a gas station or specific charging points on highways and national roads.

A crucial aspect to know is that an EV’s charging port differs from one vehicle to another, depending on the make and model of the car. Therefore, when you decide to get an EV, it is of the utmost importance to know what type of charging port it has. However, the level two charging solution is usually suitable for all-electric vehicles.

2. Charging stations for residential and commercial locations

Apart from public charging points and those offered by large institutions, most individuals need to install their own. And in the case of commercial properties, in some cases, the owner of the building needs to ensure there are charging points installed in their private car park. In order to facilitate this process, Power Shift offers a free-of-charge consultation for people who wish to install a charging station at home. This means that a specialized electrician will give expert devices on-site. The general recommendation for residential spaces is to get a level two charging solution, as you can leave the car charging during the night and have it ready in the morning.

When it comes to commercial locations, level two and level three are the chosen types. Depending on the capacity of the respective location, you will either need the medium speed or the highest one. However, the last, most efficient charging solution still remains the most suitable choice for a gas station. In most commercial locations, Power Shift’s level two charging solution is more than enough. The company’s installation service offers a fixed price service, meaning that if you have a commercial space where you want to ensure charging stations for EV, there will be no hidden costs included.

3. Specialized electricians to help you find the most suitable installation

Given that the technology for electric vehicles is still relatively new, the same applies to charging stations and their installation process. While the demand for EVs is on the rise, so is the need for a proper station where you can charge your car without worrying that you may run low at any point. For this reason, when you need a charging station installed, whether it is for residential and commercial purposes, it is crucial the person in charge is an expert, qualified, and highly skilled electrician.

Power Shift’s team of specialized individuals can offer detailed advice to clients. Because the technology is in continuous development, it isn’t uncommon for consumers to have many questions in regards to EVs and how to charge them. For this reason, not only are these specialists able to provide updated information and advice, but they are adequately trained to install the most suitable charging station depending on the client’s needs and type of EV.

4. EVs are the cost-effective option

Indeed, the price of an electric vehicle may not be insignificant. With this technology being still research and developed and offering so many benefits when it comes to driving experience and zero exhaust emissions, there is no denying that EVs can be pretty pricey. However, when referring to maintenance costs and other hidden expenses, having an EV is the cost-effective alternative. Given the fact that the engine and auto parts in an electric vehicle are more of a larger equipment put together rather than composed of smaller moving parts, looking for a replacement piece is no longer a worry or an expense. Not to mention that prices for EV batteries are decreasing, which will also reduce the costs of repair of an EV.

In addition to this, EVs do not have similar maintenance needs compared to fuel-powered vehicles, such as regular oil changes. Therefore, expenses are significantly decreased for electric cars. More specifically, costs can be reduced by around 40% for a battery-powered vehicle. This shows that purchasing an EV is a long-term investment. Plus, more and more charging stations will become accessible and, until then, Power Shift can provide proper EV charger installations.

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