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4 Mind-Blowing Techniques To Truly Understand Your Customers Teradata

Offering great experience will get you more customers. In addition, it will ensure your existing customers stay instead of going somewhere else. According to Teradata, only 41% of marketing executives use consumer engagement data in an effort to come up with an effective marketing strategy.

4 Mind-Blowing Techniques To Truly Understand Your Customers Teradata

In spite of this, marketers alongside other business leaders neglect the buyer before and after the sale. They lack a full understanding of the consumer all together, which can be a major impediment to getting more customers and retaining the existing ones.

It should be noted that having a full understanding of the customer is vital to achieving the core business goals. When trying to build or optimize the client experience, it is important that you know your customers better than they do themselves.

How to Understand Your Customers Better

This article outlines 4 techniques for understanding your customers better. Read on to learn which techniques these are;

  1. Intelligent Buyer Engagement

Providing and maintaining great consumer experience is vital to your client base and revenue in general. By optimizing the experience, you can get more customers while retaining the existing ones, which translates to more money.

Try to engage with your customers in real-time, using the appropriate tools. Tools like Messenger can be converted into powerful customer service channels; whereas tools such as Drift can be used to talk with customers as they browse your website.

Messenger, Drift and other tools used for engaging with customers can help you gather some powerful clients insights, which you can utilize to understand your customers better.

Likewise, contacting your customers through telephone calls can be another great way to gather a lot of knowledge about them. It is not wrong to get these people on the telephone regularly. There is no better way to learn their needs, pains as well as challenges than this.

As you put the initial efforts to keep your customers engaged, allow these people to share their thoughts as well as opinions too. One way to do that is to provide client satisfaction surveys for them to take. Client engagement is a two way street that requires both your input and that of your customers.

  1. Create More Solid Customer Personas

Many marketers make a huge blunder of using generic data points such as age, profession, and location to develop their customer personas. These demographics simply do not provide sufficient information to create messaging that resonates with customers on a personal level.

You should be able to determine your customers’ most important preferences. The best way to do that is to use the Acquisitions tab on Google Analytics to point out the source of your site traffic. Once you establish that, use the information to create personas that are more robust.

In addition, obtaining keyword insights is an incredible way to establish the terms as well as descriptions that certain buyers use to find your products or services.

Google Webmaster Tools help you segment customers depending on keyword searches. You can use those to create a list of top keywords that bring traffic to your website. Incorporate those keywords across all your marketing campaigns. Remember, talking the same language as your customers is a surefire way to resonate with them and make them feel you have the right solutions to their problems.

  1. Know Your Customers by Paying Attention to the Actions they Take Online

By paying attention to every action taken by your customers online, you can learn a lot about these people. The actions they take such as clicking on a link or reading a webpage display a lot of information regarding their behavior.

To analyze consumer behavior online, there are plenty of tools to use. Tools like Inspectlet are great for collecting insights like time on page as well as bounce rate. You can even have short videos of customers on your page in real-time with a sophisticated tool like Inspectlet.

Kissmetrics is another great tool for analyzing consumer behavior on your website. It monitors the behavior of each of your customers, enabling you to gather valuable insights on specific segments.

You can use the behavioral information you gathered to establish what your customers do and do not like as well as what they do and do not understand. You can use that knowledge to provide only that which your customers like and help them understand whatever they do not. With that, you will be able to provide a better website experience for them.

For instance, if there is a page that users spend more time on than others, try to analyze its content to see what is retaining their attention. Likewise, if there is a page with a high bounce rate, try to find out what is turning off users off it. Nevertheless, if users had a hard time navigating to a particular sales page, be sure to improve the interface to create a more user-friendly experience.

Finally, do not overlook the massive utility of employing web scraping services to extract specific data about consumer behavior, social media sentiment and product pricing and reviews from competitors and other business owners. ScaperAPI allows you to compare and choose from the best web scraper proxy servers on the Internet, giving you the right tools to tap into endless resources of useful data online without any loss to your work efficiency.

  1. Anticipate, Predict, and Plan for the Future

Do not create a plan only for the purposes of present consumer engagement. Create a plan for the purposes of future consumer engagement as well. Creating a plan for present and future buyer engagement puts you in the right position to respond appropriately during challenging client engagement situations.

You can use certain tools such as Angoss and RapidMiner to create realistic future models through a process known as “predictive modeling.” These tools can help you mine existing client data to identify recurring patterns as well as trends that can inform decision making.


With effective behavioral monitoring tools, advanced analytics and a good consumer touchpoint strategy, you can understand your customers’ behaviors without so much effort.

Marketers and business leaders use the techniques above to inform and inspire their buyer engagement efforts. However, since every business has a different audience, it is important that you select only those techniques that are suitable for your audience.

Do you have any favorite tools as well as strategies for increasing consumer engagement? Please let us know about those in the comments section below.

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