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4 Features You Need To Look For When Buying A Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth technology has really changed the way we use many of our devices and when you are carrying a pocket-sized transmitter it gives you the ability to stream anything to either your wireless TV or deliver great sounds to your headphones.

4 Features You Need To Look For When Buying A Bluetooth Transmitter

One of the problems you face when choosing the best Bluetooth transmitters is which ones make the grade and which features are worth looking out for?

Here is a quick guide to what sort of features you might want to have on your checklist when you are in the market for a Bluetooth transmitter.

Look for a good range

Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that the transmitter you have chosen doesn’t offer the sort of wireless performance and range that you were hoping for.

One feature to look out for is aptX low latency which is capable of delivering a strong wireless performance overall. Included in that high-quality wireless performance is an impressive operation range.

Always ask about the range performance when you are buying a Bluetooth transmitter as it can make a big difference.


Another big issue that you often have to contend with when you are in the market for a bit of hi-tech equipment is that rival technologies mean you can experience compatibility issues.

In addition to seeking out a transmitter that boasts a decent wireless range, it is highly relevant to seek out a device that offers a high level of compatibility with most Bluetooth devices.

Picking a car-friendly model

If you have a specific purpose in mind for your Bluetooth transmitter it would be a good idea to match up a make and model that is best suited to that task.

For instance, if you want a transmitter that you are going to be using in your car there are some features on some models that could prove useful.

You should look for a model that offers you the ability to handle hands-free calls and a good-sized screen would be an advantage so that you can see on-screen prompts more easily.

An extra USB power port might also be a handy feature if you have other devices that you are using in the car.

Connect more than one device

Another feature that could be attractive to you would be the ability to connect more than one device at the same time.

This could be very useful if you want to be able to connect headphones and speakers.

If you are watching and listening at the same time with the help of your Bluetooth transmitter search out a model that offers a low-latency, zero-lag feature as this will enable you to enjoy the prospect of watching a movie without your viewing pleasure being spoiled by lip-syncing issues.

A lot of Bluetooth transmitters are only designed to work with one device at a time, which might be fine for your needs, but if you do want that flexibility to connect more than one make sure you look for this option when looking at the reviews.

Make a checklist of the key features that you want to see with your Bluetooth transmitter and then enjoy an immersive listening or viewing experience that is made possible thanks to some remarkable technology.

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