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4 Beneficial Call Center Monitoring Practices

Managing a call center is a challenging and often overwhelming job for many reasons. First, you may be in charge of dozens, even hundreds of call center agents that may be scattered across the globe, trying to track their work over different time zones. At the same time, your employees may easily feel overwhelmed by the massive workload accompanied by demanding night shifts. 

Call Center Monitoring Practices

If you’ve recognized some of the issues you have to deal with on a daily basis, you need an effective solution to help you and your employees stay on track. By implementing workforce analytics software you’ll be able to improve time management and boost productivity to keep both employees and customers happy.

Here are some of the best call center monitoring practices you can adopt to solve some burning issues and improve your business.

Use Call Center Monitoring to Increase Productivity

The employee monitoring system gives you a chance to see how call center agents spend their working hours, including on and off-the-phone activities. In this way you’ll see when their productivity is peaking or when they start cutting corners, rewarding the top performers and providing additional support for those who are struggling. 

By doing this you’ll create a thriving company culture where hard work and effort are appreciated. And nothing can beat a motivated worker driven to reach set goals.

Set workforce analytics software to give you weekly or monthly reports, so that you can keep track of the changes in employees’ productivity and performance.

Provide Top Quality Service

We all know that in business everything revolves around keeping clients happy and satisfied. Productivity tracker can help you go above and beyond to meet your clients needs.

By keeping track of weekly and monthly changes in productivity, you’ll be able to take direct actions and tackle issues that may slow down the workflow and affect quality of your services.

For example, you can use records of websites and apps your call agents use to prevent slacking and falling behind. At the same time, you can show them how to use various other apps and tools to boost their performance. 

Improve Resource Management

Employee monitoring software can help you better manage your resources, making your business more profitable and your employees and clients happy. You’ll get a detailed picture of every working day by combining tracking data and the amount of time your agents need to complete tasks with your Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

This improved resource management and allocation enables you to provide more accurate and realistic estimates to your customers. 

Provide Real-Time Feedback to Motivate Employees

Whenever you decide to start monitoring your call center agents, be open and honest with them about your intentions. If you explain the exact ways you intend to use employee monitoring software, and focus on benefits employees can draw from it, you will shatter doubts and prejudices they may have about monitoring. 

One of the fantastic benefits of the workforce analytics software is that it provides a detailed, real-time evaluation of your employees’ performance. This way, you can recognize hard work, focusing on their achievements, and single out the things they need to improve to enhance their performance. 

Employees will appreciate this direct and updated report based on accurate and relevant data, and will know just what things to change to excel on a daily basis.


After all said, call center monitoring can be a perfect solution for you, if you know what goals you want to achieve with this action. You should use employee monitoring software if you want your employees to be more productive and enhance performance. 

It can also help you manage your resources and time better. So, before you start using this efficient tool to monitor your call center agents, make sure you’ve got your priorities straight. Also, be open and transparent about it.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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