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3 Ways To Access Advanced Technologies To Improve Warehouse Operations

The efficiency of warehouses is among the most critical differentiator and strategic goal for businesses because without having a smooth warehouse operation, the company will be forced to hire more workers to maintain the high levels of demand.

3 Ways To Access Advanced Technologies To Improve Warehouse Operations

Although adding to the workforce may help the business maintain high standards of service, it will also lead to lower profit margins, which can result to having a less profitable business and a warehouse operation that is likely to make errors.

To combat this challenge, most companies are looking for warehouse technologies that can automate most processes and get rid of errors. Other organizations are keenly looking into various warehouse processes and removing steps that are not necessary.

Although a lot of companies are aware of the importance of accessing advanced technologies for their warehouse operations, they have no idea where to begin.

Working with a professional company such as JD Edwards Managed Services who are familiar with the services of warehouses is a step in the right direction. They will guide you to achieve your goals.

1. Using dimensioning systems

Determining the dimensions of boxes and pallets can take up a lot of time. Averagely, it takes a clerk about 50 seconds to measure the dimensions of the cargo and record them manually. This is in addition to the probability of making errors in the process.

Essential technology for business owners to make use of is dimensioning systems. The dimensions of small packages are more efficient if the measurement and verification steps are automated.

Businesses that have made use of dimensioning systems can reduce the amount of time spent on measurement by 68 percent.

Measurements of boxes and pallets are taken by dimensioning systems and recoded into the receipt of the warehouse automatically.

Some of them can be integrated into the scale to make it possible for users to capture weight and dimensions into the revenue automatically.

Advanced systems go further into capturing quality snapshots of the shipment to make it possible for customers to see proof that their purchase is ready.

Dimensioning systems not only increase warehouse operations, but they also reduce human-induced errors as a result of data entry and collection.

2. The technology of mobile devices

Averagely, a clerk makes more than thirty back and forth trips in most warehouses to pick lists and labels, or to file in the data of a shipment into the computer.

By making use of mobile technology, employees can gain access to company systems from any location in the warehouse. Although presently, there are organizations that make use of fixed data entry points, such companies are generally inefficient.

Some technologies that can make warehouses more efficient are mobile printers, wearable barcode scanners, and portable computers.

New barcode scanners are evolving into more mobile and friendlier devices that allow warehouse employees to remain mobile and productive without having to compromise between holding the scanner and getting a cargo.

3. Warehouse management systems

As a business owner, staying updated with shipping costs, order fulfillment, and inventory control can be overwhelming. Rather than allow this to stress you up, invest in a warehouse management system created to make your business more efficient.

Such a system can leverage on recent technologies and provide high levels of functionality to your business. The three most essential qualities of warehouse management systems to ensure efficient warehouse operations are:

  • Mobile friendly: A warehouse management system that is mobile friendly makes it possible for employees to perform their duties across various platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. This is made possible through a native mobile app or a web application.
  • Easy to use: There is no system that is perfect. The ability to integrate effectively with other technologies makes warehouse management system special.
  • Better workflow: In a company that has to move its products quickly and without errors, it can be challenging to keep operations running smoothly. Warehouse management systems make it possible to enforce processes in the warehouse and measure the efficiencies of the process and the employees’ productivity.

As a business owner, having success will require endurance and focus on the efficiencies of operations. If you have a warehouse in your company, it is essential to look for ways of making it more efficient by making use of the appropriate procedures and technology to raise the productivity levels. Making your warehouse more productive will have an impact on your overall business.

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