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3 Types of Interactive Content for Your Website

We have all heard it a million times by now: content is king, and it continues to be. Marketers have been using Bill Gate’s legendary quote for over two decades now, yet it has not lost any of its significance today. However, there is a shift visible: content no longer just refers to offering high-quality and valuable information in the form of text and images, but to make use of the entire spectrum multimedia offers to bring engaging and unique content to the user.

One such type of content is interactive content, which allows the site visitor to actively engage with it. This brings advantages for both sides: interactive content is highly entertaining and attracts the attention of the user, who enjoys a unique and personalized experience in which they can actively participate. With this, they don’t just stay on the website longer but are also more likely to build a relationship with the brand and become a loyal customer. Simply put: it’s a win-win situation.

Interactive Content for Your Website

These are three examples of how you can integrate interactive content on your website.


Everybody loves games. They essentially embody entertainment – and you can use that in your marketing strategy. Brands from different sectors have been using games to connect with and entertain customers. High-end cosmetics brand Guerlain, for instance, has released several games such as a Tetris-style game for their Chinese market to showcase their lipstick collection in an entertaining and innovative way. Fast-food chain KFC on the other hand created the Kentucky Fried Football Challenge on Instagram, driving customer engagement and exposure. Naturally, gaming companies are using games in their content strategies, too. For instance, the platform Vegas Slots Online, which compares and reviews the best online casinos to play at for real money, also offers a wide array of slots to be played for free online on their platform, before heading over to one of the casinos to bet real money. With all these efforts, companies have a way of entertaining customers and interacting with them, while creating engaging experiences and driving traffic.


Offering quizzes on your website doesn’t just attract users’ attention and drive engagement but can also yield valuable customer data. Quizzes can take on different kinds of formats and cater to a variety of purposes. For instance, using personality tests tickles users’ curiosity to find out which category of personality they fit into, and allows you to make personalized product recommendations based on their answers. Eyewear brand Zenni Optical, for instance, used a “You’ve Been Framed Quiz” to find out what styles users prefer to make personalized recommendations on the best frames to buy. Airbnb uses the “Trip Matcher” quiz to help customers find the best destination and trip experience to book. For one, these types of quizzes work well because people like to hear good things about themselves, and the results of such personality quizzes do exactly that. They also offer a great opportunity to personalize your marketing, improve the content you offer, and build your email list by using lead capture forms to collect user data. After taking a quiz, a lot of users are happy to provide their information.


Interactive calculators are a great way to offer users a quick, calculated answer to a problem. Such calculators can be used in different sectors and could help find out what your service or product would cost. It could also offer measurable information on how your service can help them achieve their goals. One noteworthy example of an interactive calculator is HubSpot’s ROI calculator. Users enter a variety of information on their business such as monthly visitors, leads, and sales price per customer to find out about the potential return on investment they could achieve by using HubSpot’s service. Pricing calculators on the other hand offer an interactive and personalized way for customers to find out what cost they can expect when using your service. For instance, for constructing companies, agency services, interior designers, photographers, etc. pricing depends on a lot of factors. Instead of posting a long and complicated price list, an interactive calculator lets users calculate the approximate cost they would face by using your service in an instant.

With a huge pool of competitors just a mere click away, businesses need to go the extra mile to gain and retain customers’ attention. Interactive content such as games, quizzes, and calculators offer a great way to deliver personalized experiences, boost engagement, and drive leads.

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