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3 Tricks to Make Your Windows PC Feel Like a Mac

One of the challenges for users making the switch from a Mac to a Windows PC is the fact that Windows systems often feel clunky and complicated for people accustomed to the sleek interface of a Mac. If your computer isn’t comfortable to use and its options don’t feel intuitive then you will constantly lose time looking for features or taking breaks to recover from eye strain. So here are three tricks to get your PC operating with the smooth feel of a Mac.

Windows PC Feel Like a Mac

1: Use a Desktop Toolbar Program

Adding a desktop toolbar program like OneLaunch to your PC is an excellent way to emulate some of the key features that characterize a Mac. This application adds a stylish toolbar to your desktop, providing quick access to a customizable dashboard. The dashboard sports an intuitive design that allows users to tweak what resources are immediately available, creating an effect like that of a heads-up display so that you have critical tools and information right in front of you. This allows for the rapid transitions between tasks that have traditionally made Macs popular with designers.

2: Use Widgets

One of the quirky aspects of Macs that provide a lot of their charm is the wide range of widgets that can be installed. The best ones are well-designed and add an entertaining or high-quality sheen to even basic functions like clocks, calendars, and weather forecasts. A selection of well-chosen widgets brings comfortable familiarity to your desktop and makes sitting down to the keyboard more of a joy. Today widgets are a growing part of the Windows ecosystem. Lists and rankings of popular widgets can be a great place to start looking. Often the best widgets are ones that give you a personalized experience of something in which you’re invested, from a clock that includes the time of tides for boaters to a calendar of game days for sports fans.

3: Use a New Theme

Just like a fine dining experience depends as much on the décor as it does on the food, the kind of luxurious user experience associated with Macs depends as much on subtle graphical settings like color, font, and transparency as it does on the power of the programs. Mac themes are renowned for their design and style elements such as softened geometry, innovative and striking fonts, and modern color palettes and transitions. Many of the best themes available for Windows creatively incorporate many of these same aspects and can help give your PC the flavor of a Mac. While some themes center on a pre-selected background image, often the perfect final touch to refreshing the feel of a Windows system is choosing a high-resolution graphic image or photo that is uniquely meaningful.

Adjusting to a new PC is always a challenge, but if you’re the kind of user who won’t settle for less than the quality experience of using a Mac you can easily make your computer more comfortable and efficient to use. Spending an hour or so on customization will easily pay for itself in hours and hours of more focused computing.

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