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3 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Company

If you are outsourcing your SEO, it might be difficult to determine which company is the best. All of them will have experience, but how specified is that experience to your goals? You need to ask that question when you are hiring an SEO company. Here are some other things to ask.

Hiring an SEO Company

Do They Have Experience?

This is an obvious question, but you want to ask it in a way that commands a specific answer. If you read the blogs of SEO companies like Firestarter, you’ll see how specific their experience is, just by scanning the headlines. Companies like that have the experience to know what users are looking for.

Yes, they will have experience and knowledge. How broad is their knowledge base? If you’re paying someone else to do it, you want experts that talk about results.

One study Google uses noted that one blog post only keeps readers reading for 4 to 8 seconds at a time. You need an SEO company that understands what is happening in those few seconds and knows how to keep them scrolling and moving to other pages on your website. Ask them what they’ve done in the past to grab the attention of readers in 4 seconds, and how they will do that for you.

What is Their Mobile Strategy?

Study after study notes the high percentage of mobile users that are performing Google searches. Approximately 88 percent of mobile users are searching Google for businesses just like yours.

There are specified practices for SEO that targets mobile users. Ask your potential SEO company what they will do for you to capture the attention of smartphone searches.

What is Their Timeline for Success?

You already know that SEO work is a long-term process. You don’t want an SEO company to tell you that it’s a long-term process. You want specifics. Ask them what their timeline for success is, and how they plan on getting you there.

Ask them what the process is, how do they track it, and what tools do they use to measure success. Ask them for timeline stages for each of these questions.
You may already know some answers. What you are looking for here is a company that has a few more answers than you already have available yourself. You’re looking for experts, which is why you are hiring them.

Interview SEO Specialists

When you make the decision to outsource SEO work, you aren’t making the commitment until you make the commitment. Yes, there are many out there. Find the one that is concerned about your specific needs, and has a specific plan for that.

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