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3 Important Activities Of School You Should Never Miss Out!

School is the first place where a child is exposed to various social activities. It sets the base for many things, including various skills and talents. Schools offer a lot of activities with the prospect to help students develop them. However, a lot of students appear confused to decide what to choose.  This article will discuss some important activities a student to never miss in school :-

3 Important Activities Of School

1. Homework

A lot of debates have been increasing about how homework increases more stress in the students. In the present times, a lot of online homework help is also available to assist a child with such stresses.Homework is a set of tasks assigned by the teacher to be completed at home. It can include mathematical problems, reading comprehensions, DIYs and many more.  Here are some benefits of having homework

  1. Responsibility– It is a value that makes a person take decisions independently without a lot of nagging. Homework helps in acquiring this quality at a very young age. A child feels the need to do the work or he/she has to face the consequences the next day. Thus, a child will be accountable for its duties in the future also.
  2. Organizational Skills– Homework is said to eat up the free time of students. However, children who long for it will also schedule their time to include their activities too. Thus, time management will become a habit through practice. This will act favourable in their higher grades where the intensity of work increases.
  3. Interpersonal Relationships– Homework is meant to be a practice of what was already taught in school. However, there are chances for a student to have doubts in that particular area. So students can reach out to their friends, parents or even teachers for help. There are also online homework help available for the same.

 This can help in developing the interpersonal skills of a Student. They learn how to talk to people based on their designation. For instance, a teacher should be given more respect than a close friend.

2. Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Co-curricular activities balance the academic struggles of a person. It has a major role in the development of students. They have an all rounded effect on the student.  Co-curricular activities include athletics, cultural competitions, reading and many more.

Here are some of the important advantages of co-curricular activities

  1. Leadership– Being a part of co-curricular events can give you the chance of being entrusted with a lot of responsibilities . A student will be asked to manage an event, which gives him/her the nuances of the process. This will make them confident of all the activities in the future. It is always difficult to find a good leader and co-curricular activities paves way for it.
  2. Develop a talent– Other than academics, schools also help in the development of the talents of students. If a student has potential in singing, co-curricular activities help in its development. This can also help in the making of a proper career choice of an individual.
  3. Personality development– A personality of a person develops from the kind of experiences he or she is exposed to. Co-curricular activities can help in moulding the moral and cultural values of a person. Being exposed to different people and ideologies can make a person understand the right or wrong of a situation.

3. Exams

Exams play a very important role in every student’s life. Many of us don’t exactly remember what we had mugged up ages ago. However, there are many indirect benefits of exams in our lives. Here are some of them:-

  1. Healthy Competitions– Exams create the need in the students to get good marks and create a good impression. This will give an urge for them to work hard and be better than the others. So they will find new strategies to learn and win the game.
  2. Self Evaluation– Exams is a physical process to value one’s knowledge of something. A student will work hard with strategies and tricks to get good grades. After the results are announced, students would know which trick helped where. In the long run, exams are an indirect source to develop the skill of evaluating one self. 


Education finds a lot of importance in the lives of people of this era. It has the capability to improve the life situations of a person. A literate person’s outlook on life will be more civilised than an illiterate one. The educational system across the world is broken down into different layers.

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