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3 Great Educational Web Tools For High-School Teacher

The modern classroom has changed a lot in the backdrop of innovative technology. Today, students are no longer passive listeners waiting to get knowledge from the teachers. They have access to a lot of information through the internet. On platforms such as,students can get resources for their writing assignments. Teaching has also changed, and the modern-day teacher has multiple innovative tools at their disposal.

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A recent study published in the Guardian says teachers experience more stress than other workers. This is due to the nature of work they have to do and the environment they work in. If you are a teacher, you can now make your work easier by embracing emerging technologies. This guide highlights a few of the web tools every high-school teacher should start using.

  1. Edmondo

Communication is an essential component of teaching. However, it is also one of the most difficultfor high school teachers to attain and maintain in the classroom. Many teachers complain about the lack of collaboration between themselves and students.

Edmondo is an application that seeks to solve this problem. It is an educational platform that connects students and teachers through a social network. As a high school teacher, you can now collaborate with your students seamlessly through this educational tool. You can share learning materials, communicate with parents, provide one on one attention to the students, and much more.

It is an innovative web tool that promotes learning by making it easier for learners to seek answers. The web tool boasts over 34 million users, and the number keeps growing. Students can log in from any location and access materials, get feedback from their teachers, and also get personal attention from their teachers.

Unlike other social media platforms, there’s nodistraction as this web tool is purposely for learning. It is a must-have for every high school teacher. There are also Edmondo communities that you can join as a teacher to network with other educators and discuss pertinent issues affecting you in the classroom.

  1. Socrative

One of the most tedious tasks for a high school teacher is the creation of tests. It is a repetitive task, and there’s also the more difficult part of marking. With Socrative, teachers now have an innovative way of creating exercises and educational games on the fly. You don’t have to keep raking your head for new test ideas when you have this platform.

Socrative allows teachers to engage their students in real-time. You don’t have to wait for a lesson to end to create a test. Now that students have internet devices with them, you can make your classroom more interesting by making use of these.

Socrative has tools for real-time testing, and your students can log in and try the assignments as learning continues. It is an innovative way to know whether there’s any learning happening in your class. By providing immediate feedback on the ongoing lesson, this app empowers the teacher to make changes to their techniques. It saves time and makes learning more fun.

There are different types of tests available, and you can also create personalized activities for better results. This app allows teachers to focus on teaching as the testing and evaluation part is now covered.

  1. Pocket

For a teacher to be effective, they have to keep learning new stuff. This is easier said than done, considering there are many other things they have to do. However, the Pocket App makes things easier by allowing you to save knowledge on the go.

If you come across any valuable information when browsing, you can save it on the app for future reference. The content can be in website form, video, images, text, and infographics from any source. This information is accessible even when offline, and it boosts your ken.

Final Thoughts

Teaching is a difficult job, but you can now make life easier by adopting the latest technology. These applications will help you connect better with learners, access information more easily, and evaluate the learning process more effectively.

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