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10 steps on How to Succeed on Instagram:

As we all know, Instagram is the most widely used application all over the world. Whilst it can bring you a lot of success, you do have to work hard to succeed on Instagram. Just increasing your follower count does not mean that you will get instant success. In fact, patience is a virtue when it comes to getting success on Instagram. You cannot just get thousands of likes and followers in one night. According to likegrowers Study Report, on average it takes 6 months to 1 year for any business to succeed on Instagram. Admittedly, there are several platforms that provide services to help you to grow your Instagram account quicker, though. For instance, you can check out Social Boost’s services as an example of a platform and what they offer. But even with that, you must still be patient and create a great Instagram campaign.

In this article, I will share with you the top 10 best Instagram marketing tips that can help you to succeed on Instagram quickly. Here are some 10 steps with the help of which you can succeed on Instagram.

1- Create the Perfect Bio:

Your Instagram bio should be attractive so that your audience know who you are, what you do and what is your nature of work. Include a link in your Bio so that your followers can directly go to your website and then ultimately become your customers. Try to explain clearly what you are offering on the platform so that people feel comfortable in following your account. Your targeted viewers have an actual reason to follow you. You can also link your Bio to a redirect URL with the help of which you can send your traffic to any webpage you want.

2- Thoroughly Prepare Your Content Strategy:

First of all, search the best post in your industry where you can track your competitors. Your content should be unique as you have competition with your competitors. You have to be creative in producing the best content. Your content should be unique So that people can follow you and also like your content. As we all know that on Instagram, the creative play works.

3- Use Branded Hashtags:

Don’t be too promotional regarding your hashtags as most of the people unfollow the top brands because they are too promotional using too many hashtags in their posts. Try to use 7 to 10  branded hashtags. Hashtags bring a relationship between the brand and the users as most of the people search the brands with the help of hashtags so try to use them strategically. You can run Instagram hashtag Analytics. There are different hashtag analytics tools available with the help of which you can improve your use of hashtags.

4- Engage With Instagram Users:

Engaging with Instagram users can help you become famous like embroidery digitizing on Instagram. When the engagement rates are higher, the follower count will also be going to increase. In the start, you can follow your friends and fans. When your follower count will be going to increase, you can follow the established brands so that your brand gets more exposure in front of the followers of that established brand. You can post user-generated content from your followers to increase your visibility. Avoid robotic interactions, as it will give you zero engagement rates.

5- Connect With Influencers:

For more exposure, you have to connect with influencers.  Influencers present your content in front of their large following and when these followers saw your content, they will automatically follow you.  In this way, your follower count will also be increased. If you want to get 1 million followers, you have to connect with influencers. Try to find your particular niche social media influencers that can actually increase engagement rates. Don’t ask the influencer directly about collaborations as it will put the bad impact of your brand. First, ask some questions related to your industry and then you can ask the bigger question.

6- Share High-Quality Images:

Instagram is a photo sharing application, you have to be concerned about using high-quality images in your posts. It is better not to post the low-quality images as high-quality images will only be appreciated. You can use filters to make your image beautiful but not totally depend on filters. Try to use a high-quality camera so that your picture quality will be higher. It is better to share two to three photos per week.

7- Cross Promote with Friends And Influencers:

You can also take help from your friends by asking to cross-promote your account. You will get success on Instagram by making use of other social accounts to help grow your account. You can share your post on your Facebook or Twitter account and also you can showcase your Instagram uploads on your website. You can upload your Instagram updates directly to your Twitter by using tools like  IFTTT.

8- Go Live on Instagram:

With the help of Instagram live, you get higher engagement rates and also the new followers on your account. You can also promote your account by telling the people in your post that you will go live on Instagram.  This will create curiosity and interest among your viewers and then definitely your engagement rates will comparatively higher. Share what happens behind the scenes stories to drag the people towards your account. You can go live on Instagram weekly or monthly by promoting Question and answer streams. This will create an interest among your followers.

9- Take Advantage of Instagram Highlights:

The new update which has been introduced on Instagram is to display story highlights on your profile. This is the perfect strategy for increasing your website traffic. Consider a few highlights to encourage and promote your audience to follow you on other social networks. you can create a few product highlights and include hyperlink so that people can directly buy your products and services.

10- Use of Tools:

There are different tools available online with the help of which you can get new followers on your account and succeed on Instagram.


Likegrowers is a professional Instagram auto Liker tool with the help of which you can grow your business on Instagram. This tool helps you to get organic growth on Instagram which means you will get targeted traffic and followers who are interested in your business.


Instasize is picture Editing App and this is one of best APP that you can use to resize and Edit your images before publishing on Instagram. The more high-quality images you post the more engagements and followers you will get.


Whether you are a businessman, Marketer or a freelancer, you can simply set up likesgainer with your location, hashtag preferences, and select audience to get targeted audience on Instagram to get more engagements, more followers and also drive more sales.

Final Words:

You have to follow the above-described tips to get success on Instagram and also you can try out different types of content and hashtags. Experiment with your hashtag strategy can help you succeed on Instagram. Give some time to Instagram so that you get engaged with your customers and followers. Being active on Instagram means you have succeeded on Instagram by promoting your account.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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