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10 Must-have Apps for a Rooted Android Phone in 2020

Android rooting in not new to Android smartphone users just as jailbreak and phone-hacking is popular among iOS and Symbian OS phone users. A lot of persons believes that rooting Android phones would make them more powerful tool than the iOS status-quo phone, and they aren’t very much far from the truth. 

Rooting on its own is a process that allows cell phone owners to get root access to the Android operating system code. This is the same as “jailbreaking ID” for Apple devices. The act of rooting Android devices gives you the freedom to change the software code on the device. This also allows you to install software that is not permitted by the manufacturer.

To wit, rooting does not only grant you a “super user” access; it lets you use advanced and highly functionals apps that you can’t normally use without rooting the phone or device. These apps are popularly known as after-root apps, which are the basics for today’s post. 

The Best After-Root Application to Have in 2020

  1. Greenify

This free application is able to manage applications that do not need to hibernate when you are not using it. Leaving applications that you are not using will prevent your device from being left behind and battery leeches.

This application can do wonders and can even work well with non-rooting devices. You will love this application because it only carries light (less than 5MB RAM) and almost zero CPU and battery consumption.

  1. Apps2SD

Free to download and move applications to the SD card with root. It can run APK, Odex, dex, lib, internal data, and external data. This application has a Busybox installer, application eraser, support for storage, and a terminal emulator.

This best suits the device with less internal storage that you need to maximize SD external storage and carry the entire application package.

  1. Flashify

It’s also one of the best free root applications that is perfect for queuing items from recovery while not needing to reboot your phone. This allows you to boot and recover .img files, zip files, mods, and kernels without the need for recovery. Simple and easy to use and application interface. This is the perfect tool for root beginners.

  1. Tasker

A powerful paid root application that can turn your Android phone into a fully automatic device from the settings to the short message system. It can work even without rooting permission, and your device can still get various benefits and abilities. The price is $4.

  1. Migrate

One of the best root applications that you can download for free. Migration is a ROM migration tool that can back up a group of data, applications, application data, call logs, SMS, and other information. Still in beta (relatively new). Migration can create a zip file that can be flashed and flashed a new ROM than a zip file that can be flashed afterward. Although it can take several regulatory procedures, it is worth the effort. The creator of this app highly recommends running this with Magisk for a well performance.

  1. Servicely

The important role of applications is to allow you to put any application on your device into ‘sleep mode’. This allows the device to not waste battery even when you turn off the screen. Most violators are Google Play and Facebook. You would think that this application is turned off before you sleep, and at least you realize in the morning that your battery is draining.

To use a service, an Android device must be rooted. Select the application or process that you want to deactivate when your screen turns off. When you use this application together with the Wakelock Detector, it can quickly detect applications that continue to drain your battery. FREE and for the pros is $3.49

  1. Solid Explorer

It proved to be a good file manager that can work without rooting for most tasks. This application is able to copy and paste, unzip files, support for storage, and network storage devices. 

It was designed efficiently so that you have the option to activate root in the application which will allow you to do many actions. Although there are some good file managers with root access, the solid explorer is cleaner, cheaper (for the pro version) and no annoying advertisements.

  1. 3C Toolbox

This is a collection of extraordinary applications that differ in one large toolbox with connecting features to make the application easy to use. The giant toolbox has every tool you need to monitor control, and perfect your device. 

That even includes Titanium Backup, Seeder, SetCPU, Root Explorer, System Panel, Greenify, BetterBatteryStats, App2SD, Autorun Manager, Terminal Emulator, Script Editor, SD Booster, Buildprop Editor, ATK and others. This application can be available for rooting and non-rooting Android devices. Price is $7.

  1. Root Booster

When you want the maximum performance of your Android device without interruptions that drain and drain the battery, the root booster is for you. It has a current model that can ensure increased speed, increased battery life, and stabilizing push settings. 

Root booster will detect draining and applications that demand performance and root booster can perform automatic hibernation. It can empty folders, gallery thumbnails, and applications that are deleted in the trash. This is also a free application.

  1. Titanium Backup

Every year, this root application tops the list because of its full capacity to uninstall bloatware, freeze applications (you can leave the application on your Android system, but a Titanium backup can prevent it from running) and make backups for all applications and data applications. If you are an amateur root user, you should get a Titanium backup. FREE for basic and $5.99 for the pro version.

11. Tips to download the best applications in a rooted android mobile phone 

 Once you have accessed a mobile phone’s operating system, it needs to be protected with the best applications. No one will root a mobile phone just to have it like an ordinary smartphone. If you really did it to level up your game, try out all those applications mentioned above; however, for some people finding these applications may get difficult, but worry, not a few tips can help you in this regard.   

  • Download the best Vpn such as the diadiktiokaiasfalia to access every useful application required in a rooted mobile phone. 
  • Read the description of every application before downloading it. 
  • If you feel confused, contact the developer about the concern and tell them that it is a customized rooted mobile.

In Summary: 

These apps are hands down the best after-root apps and as such a must-have for every user of a rooted android phone or device. Elsewhere, they may be refered to as “root apps” as they are normally installed on rooted devices.  

You can’t use any of these apps to their full potential if your phone isn’t rooted. In that case, you may check out these apps for rooting or browse through the list at 3ptechies.com for a more detailed list of rooting tools. You can also leave us a comment if there’s anything you don’t understand about rooting, after-root apps, etc.    

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