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10 Amazing Features of Modern Smartphones

We would like to begin with one very useful feature which can help you find your lost smartphone. Now whoever turns it on will see the message on the screen left by you. You can ask this person to contact you, the person who owns the phone, by email, to call you at any chosen number, or to explain how to find you on social media. You can offer a reward for returning your phone specifying the amount of money you are willing to pay to get your phone back. Alternatively, you can offer this person some cake, take this person to dinner, or cast some love spells if you specialize in love magic.

Features Of Modern Smartphones

To leave a message for the person who finds your phone, go to Settings – Screen Lock and Passwords – Lock Screen Message.

If you worry this will not work (this brings us to useful feature number 2), install one of the anti-theft apps. First and foremost, it will make it impossible for another person to hack your phone. Secondly, it will show you where your phone is as soon as it is turned on. Thirdly, in case someone manages to hack your phone, the app will delete all your personal data and start an alarm to attract the attention of the people around.

The third useful feature we would like to tell you about is one allowing users to save their phone memory. Use a cloud storage service and keep all your pictures, videos and other files there, such as, for example, the novel you are writing using your smartphone as a typewriter. A great advantage of cloud services is that you can access them from any device. Besides, you will not lose any of your files even if you break or lose your smartphone.

Many users love the fourth feature we want to tell you about. You can transform your smartphone into a security device. With some apps, your smartphone which you leave “by accident” in your bedroom or office can take pictures of everyone entering the room. Such apps are very thorough and take pictures of pets too, such as cats and dogs, if they are around.

The fifth cool feature works like real spells. It allows people to use their smartphones as dashboard cameras. To transform your smartphone into a dashcam:

– Buy a car phone holder;

– Mount it on the dashboard;

– Insert the smartphone in the holder;

– Turn it on;

– Enable video recording (with the settings set to minimum values to not run out of memory space too soon).

As a result, you will have a great dash camera which will help you prove your innocence if, god forbid, something bad happens to you while driving. Also, it is a great way to get content for your YouTube channel.

Another feature allows you to access developer mode by tapping the “Build Number” field 7 times and changing the settings of your device, from speeding it up to improving all of its features.

The following feature will allow you to transform your smartphone into a counterfeit bill detector. To this end you will need some clear sticky tape, one blue and one purple marker pen. Cover the flashlight of your smartphone with one layer of sticky tape and then paint over it using the blue marker pen. Then apply another layer of sticky tape and paint over it using the purple marker pen. Apply two more layers in the same manner as described above and get a cool counterfeit bill detector.

The next feature will be useful for people who like building things with their own hands or are in the middle of a home renovation. Just one app can transform your phone into a spirit level which can be even more accurate than the one you can find at a hardware store. Now you can determine whether a surface is horizontal, hang paintings and pictures straight, and do many other things better.

The ninth cool feature is enabled by going to “Settings” – “Battery” – the key to the right of “Last 7 days”. You will learn a lot of things about yourself, such as what you do when you turn on the phone and if you maybe use it too much. Also you will see if someone has put a love spell on you as this feature will show you the person you call or text to most.

The last feature we will tell you about is called monochrome mode. We can assure you that your friends will be quite impressed by it. Besides the fact that it is cool and very unusual as it is, it makes the battery last much longer. So if you need to extend the life of your battery, turn your smartphone to monochrome mode and turn it off when needed.

In conclusion let us remind you that we have listed not all of the cool features of modern smartphones. So if you have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it.

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