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What is the CCNP Data Center Certification and Training Program?

The field of technology is advancing quicker than ever, and technology is generating a massive amount of data every day. To use these opportunities to their advantage, the data center professionals of today need a fantastic set of skills and a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts in data center technologies. The CCNP Data Center Certification can help you precisely with that. 

Aims of CCNP Data Center Certification

The CCNP Data Center Certification wants to prepare its candidate for today’s complex and competitive data center markets. The IT field has advanced faster than any other field, and to compete with the best individuals in the field, this certification by Cisco is your best bet. You can prepare for it from

What exams do I have to take for the CCNP Data Center Certification?

CCNP Data Center Certification is a unique and highly respected certification in the market; this is because it is not easy; it’s quite an arduous task to subdue. Like a lot of other certifications from Cisco in the field of IT and networking, this also has the following two exams:-

  • The core exam: The core exam assesses your knowledge about infrastructure, including networking, computing, automation, and security. The preparatory course for this exam is Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR). You can further check out SPOTO DC CCNP dumps for more resources. The main exam is necessary for other exams as well. This fundamental exam is a prerequisite for the CCIE data center certification. To qualify for that, you need to pass this exam.
  • Concentration Exams: These exams focus on the subject or field you want to specialize in; this would be an old or emerging topic in data center technologies like troubleshooting and storage tech. You can prepare for these exams through material and courses on Cisco’s original site. 

What options do I have for the CCNP Data Center concentration exams?

While choosing the CCNP Data Center Certification concentration exam, you should select the field you like and have scope in the market. Some of the top subjects offered include Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure and Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure. You can also opt for Implementing Cisco Storage Area Networking or Automation and Programming Cisco Data Center Solutions. All of these have specific codes along with the exams.

This certification is worth the effort, and it’s one of the most widely recognized worldwide. If you plan on improving your skill set, you should check it out.


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