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VanceAI Photo Restorer Review: Restoring Old Photos with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Old photo restoration is one of the most difficult tasks in photo editing. Even if you are an expert in photo editing and know how to restore old photos, it will take you long enough to put off other tasks. Professionals also use sophisticated software applications such as Photoshop to bring old photos back to life. However, with AI making significant advances in its image processing algorithms, you can opt for an old AI photo restoration application instead. We will introduce you to the AI old photo restoration tool, show you how it works, and look at examples and results provided by the application in this VanceAI Photo Restorer review.

VanceAI Photo Restorer Review

Why should you use an AI Photo Restorer?

As mentioned in the previous section, restoring old photographs is a difficult task. Not only do you have to learn how to do it, but it is also time-consuming because old damaged photos are usually riddled with tiny damage marks that must be addressed. If marketers or business owners lack the expertise to run the software applications themselves, they must hire someone to do so. In fact, popular online platforms such as Phowd operate in this manner. They request that users upload the damaged photo and hire someone from the website. This solves the expertise problem, but it is expensive.

You can solve both problems with When using VanceAI, all you have to do is upload an image and wait. The application includes AI and Machine Learning algorithms that ensure your image is automatically corrected. You can basically remove scratches from old photos online without doing anything. Photo restoration online is also becoming more advanced over time. VanceAI keeps upgrading their current tools, including the Photo Restorer, and introduces entirely new image editing tools. All of this makes photo restoration extremely accessible, and users can perform a variety of photo editing tasks on their own without disrupting their workflow.

How Does VanceAI Photo Restorer Restore Old Photos?

In this section of the VanceAI Photo Restorer review, we will go over the basic steps for using AI old photo restoration software to enhance old photos online.

Step 1: Use the link provided above to access the tool online. The webpage will include sample images and an explanation of the tool’s features. To open the Workspace where you’ll upload images, click the Upload Image button.

Step 2: On VanceAI Restorer Workspace, you can upload images using the upload box. Aside from that, you can manage settings on the right, check image credits, and do other things. Use the Start to Process button to instruct the photo restorer to begin restoring the old photos.

Step 3: After a few seconds, the result image will appear on the right or in the Processed tab. The image can then be downloaded to your device by selecting the Download Image option.

Photos Restored Examples with VanceAI’s Photo Restorer

We will now look at a few examples of photos that have been repaired and enhanced by VanceAI Photo Restorer.

1. Restored Old Portrait

Restored Old Portrait

This is an old portrait with damage spots as well as a lot of image noise. The image is much clearer and appears to be brand new after the old photo restoration process. While complex images like these may take some time for the photo restorer to process, the end result is still good and it takes less time than other options. However, it could be improved further in terms of damage lines. It can significantly reduce the line, but a trace of it remains.

2. Improved Old Portrait

Improved Old Portrait

Similar to the previous example, this is a portrait with damage marks and image noise that detract from its overall quality. You can remove almost all of it by running this image through the VanceAI Photo Restorer. While the After image is still low quality, you can improve it. After restoring an old photo, you can improve image quality by running it through VanceAI’s AI Image Enhancer.

3. Restoring Old Images

Restoring Old Images

The old photo restoration tool is fairly accurate and produces accurate results when repairing old images. In this case, too, the portrait looks brand new after being processed through the photo restorer. The old image has a lot of damage spots all over it, which the photo restorer removes in seconds. As we can see from the examples so far, the tool is also quite good at face enhancement.


When you use the VanceAI, you can restore old photos with relative ease, and you don’t even need to know anything about photo editing. The AI design is intended to be user-friendly. Aside from that, you can get pretty good results. VanceAI is a growing image editing platform, so newer updates to existing tools, including the photo restorer, are always available. You can open a VanceAI account for free and begin using the free credits right away. If you want to buy a subscription, you can start with a plan that costs as little as $5.94 per month and includes 100 image credits.

VanceAI’s Additional Options

Returning to the second example image in this Photo Restorer review, the image was low quality by default, despite the fact that the photo restorer was able to remove damage spots. In these cases, you can use VanceAI Image Enhancer to improve image quality without having to upscale it. The exclusive article about our productivity series (VanceAI Productivity Series Review Give Everything You Need) helps you learn more. Similarly, if you want to colorize old black-and-white images, you can use VanceAI Photo Colorizer. To make your photos look even more modern, you can first restore them and then colorize them.

VanceAI Alternative for Free

You can try out as an alternative to VanceAI Photo Restorer before subscribing to it. This online platform is completely free to use and produces excellent results. The difference here is that the free alternative lacks the inner features provided by the original VanceAI old photo restoration.


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