Replace Hard Drive with Disk Clone Software

Hard Drive with Disk Clone Software
Hard Drive with Disk Clone Software

Solid state drives are getting more attention these days due to their blazing fast speed and the fact that it is getting very affordable. Even those entry-level ssd is a huge upgrade if you are coming from a traditional hard disk drive. As soon as you get your hands on a ssd, you will need immediate help to clone partition to optimize it. Or you can even move windows to ssd or clone hdd to ssd that allows you to use the new ssd right away.

EaseUS Todo Backup will help you to solve all of your problems. With more than 30 million users worldwide, you can’t go wrong with using this nifty free application to help you to clone partition. It is also considered to be all-in-one solution to cater for all of your disk management, backup and cloning needs for you to be able to move windows to ssd in a flash.

Now in its latest version, it is getting easier than ever for the end-user to clone partition. With a brand new user interface and the step-by-step guide, it provides a much better user experience and you can now clone hdd to ssd in just a few steps.

For those of you had just updated to the latest Windows 10, it is also compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft. Use it to clone partition before you install the new OS and provide you with a better solution to move windows to ssd.

The latest version also supports to store backup to hard drive, external device, tape, FTP server, network shared location, NAS, DVD, etc. And improve the function of system recovery and system clone on GPT drive.

Apart from being able to clone partition, this free application can also move windows to ssd, so that you can start using the newly bought drive in just a few minutes without having to reinstall Windows or any of your applications and games. With the clone hdd to ssd option, you will have everything the same – with the added benefit of the faster ssd.

You got nothing to lose and everything to gain by usingEaseUS Todo Backup. It is so easy to get started, you just have to download, install and launch the application. To clone partition, just follow the step-by-step guide and you will be done before you even know it. Same goes with move windows to ssd or with clone hdd to ssd, the user-friendly wizard will guide you all the way.

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